Pink Lining Cuddle Robes Competition

I thought it would be nice to celebrate the New Year with a lovely competition from my friends at Pink Lining.

getting colder and even with the heating on I am feeling it, so when you little
ones come out of the bath make sure you keep them wrapped up! The Cuddle Robes from Pink Lining
are ideal for this, big enough to snuggle in a baby all cosy and a little hood
to cover their head and keep the precious heat in.

a practical level they have kindly thought to package them in sets of two so
you can always have one in use and one in the wash! Very sensible and at £20 a pack they are good value. There are currently two designs on the Pink
Lining website “One Starry Night” and “Hop, Skip and Jump to Bed”. I love the dragon on the One Starry Night set in particular.

Babies quickly lose heat after leaving the bath so it’s
very sensible buying a product like this. 
I love the name too as that’s what you do give them a lovely cuddle in
their robe when they are all done in the bath! 
Bath time is so precious; it would be a shame for it to be ruined by
your little one getting cold and grumpy. 
Newborn babies find it especially hard to manage their temperature so they rely on
you to do it, so it’s great Pink Lining are developing products to make your
job that much easier.

I really like Pink Lining products and my youngest is
still a huge fan of his Toy
, its still going strong even though he has it stuffed to the max with
soft toys every day! Although his soft
toy collection seems to have expanded, we are almost overrun in cuddlies!

you would like to enter the competition to win a pack of Cuddle Robes in a design of
your choosing then please fill out the form below by the 20th of

Pink Lining Cuddle Robes

197 thoughts on “Pink Lining Cuddle Robes Competition

  1. i love pink lining so much!!! just recieved my new tote bag and its beautiful. wud love to win this and start a little collection

  2. I'm going to be honest here, I've never actually brought anything from pink lining but from all the reviews I've read i will definitely be looking and buying something nice for my little one. Everything looks so soft and comfy for baby and the changing bags look gorgeous 🙂

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