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When my two were
babies I relied heavily on sleeping bags, I liked the thought the boys could
not cover their faces in blankets and risk overheating or worse. It is something that plays heavily on
most parents minds, especially when you read about sudden
infant death syndrome (SIDS).

sleeping bags help keep the baby at a constant temperature which is a sensible
idea as they do struggle to control their temperature at that young age. Sleeping bags are just one
precaution but an easy one to implement, sleeping bags from slumbersac are very
reasonable so well worth the investment if it helps you all sleep that bit

It was also helped
using sleeping bags as they grew and wanted to try and climb out of their cots
but could not because they were all wrapped up in a sleeping bag rather than
free to roam dangerously! Plus
they never woke up because they were cold and had wriggled out of their
blankets. With a blog
called Missing Sleep I was quick to try anything to get extra shut eye.

If I am honest I had
never thought of using sleeping bags after they turned from toddlers, but I
guess it’s because I never knew such products existed. slumbersac have sleeping bags going up
to children 10 years of age. Now
we are living in such a big cold stone house a sleeping bag would probably keep
them more comfortable and warm, especially as youngest seems to sleep with his
legs hanging out of the quilt most of the time. I am regularly having to go in to tuck
him back in as his feet are freezing!!!

The designs are lovely, so
something to appeal to everyone. The only reason I choose not to review
was the lion one stopped at 6 years and my cub is already a very big 5! The competition is easy to enter just fill
out the form below by the 18th of February and the winner will
receive a sleeping bag of their choice from the amazing selection on their

Win a slumbersac Sleeping Bag

177 thoughts on “slumbersac Sleeping Bag Giveaway

  1. I love sleeping bags for my little people. Used them first my first and my youngest is currently blissfully dreaming in one right now. Love the feel and quality of slumbersac <3

  2. I love Slumbersac and used them all the time for my son and highly recommend (and often buy) for friends and family who are expecting, can not rate them high enough.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  3. I had these for all my kids as babies and they were the best thing ever, with a new bundle on the way this is definitely another must have this time.

  4. Slumbersacs have revolutionised bedtimes with our two children. They are warm and snug. It feels so much safer putting them in slumbersacs rather than covers, especially at a young age. As they grow, you don't have to worry about them wriggling out of them.

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