The Koala Brothers Competition

two boys were big fans of The Koala Brothers when they were younger and used to
regularly watch CBeebies, even I was quite partial to an episode or two
snuggled up with them. Remarkably it
has been on our screens for 10 years now and shows no signs of stopping, it’s
as popular as ever for our inquisitive pre-schoolers and has been translated
into 31 languages so children all around the world can enjoy it. Another sure sign of success is the fact
that The Koala Brothers has been nominated for four children’s BAFTA awards.

It’s an entertaining animation following the adventures of
Frank and Buster, two very lucky koalas living in the Australian outback. I can hear the cold wind whistling through
my front door at this very moment I am writing this so the thought of some sun
right now would be lovely! But these
koala’s do not have time to laze around they are usually far too busy trying to
help others. They have an important
role in the rural community, flying out on a daily patrol in their charming
yellow aeroplane, honing in on anyone in need of help and rushing to their
assistance. The series is great for
young children as it teaches them the value of friendship and being a good

Koala Brothers facebook
page has been re-launched; you can see lots of lovely pictures of The Koala
brothers and all their friends and keep up to date with the latest news and
episode schedules. There is also a YouTube channel if you
fancy listening to the catchy theme tune or watching an episode together. My eldest who is seven just enjoyed
listening to it again and it reminded him of how much he used to like the show.

you would like to win a wonderful bundle of Koala Brother prizes then please
kindly fill out the form below by the 6th of February. The winner will enjoy a Buster plush, a fleece blanket, a puzzle and a

The Koala Brothers Competition

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