Win a 90:10 Hoodie

have teamed up with 90:10 to giveaway one of their fabulous hoodies. With so many different clothing brands out
there it is hard to stand out amongst the competition but somehow 90:10 has
managed to do just that. It’s a
clothing brand that will appeal to men that are slowly learning to accept their
responsibilities but still wanting to have lots of fun in the process! I really like how the whole concept was the
result of a conversation in a pub with the creator Dan
Glatman and his friends.

might not want to skip to the pipe and slippers stage just yet and don your
patterned granddad jumper just because your college days are in the far distant
past. You can still wear bright bold
colours and relish the chance to keep in with the cool kids! So 90:10 was born, 90% grown up and 10% most
certainly not. I think my hubbie would
be having a definite sulk if he knew he had missed the chance to review a
hoodie, but I thought my readers deserved a chance to be introduced to the
brand with a giveaway instead.

particularly like the “Headphone” hoodie with the headphone loop; it can be
handy if you like jogging to music or just wear headphones routinely to drown
out the sound of your kids!!!

hoodies come in a great choice of colours and are very stylish.

They are great quality so the price is
justified, £42 including free delivery, I have seen numerous reviews commenting
on how soft and cosy the hoodie is, so you can have your grown up comfort but
with innovative branding and style. A
hoodie that would be equally at home in the gym or in the pub!

you would like to enter the competition then please complete the form below by
the 9th of February. The
winner can pick a hoodie of their choice from the selection available, wear it
with pride if you win and remember you’re not over the hill yet!

Win a 90:10 Hoodie

253 thoughts on “Win a 90:10 Hoodie

    1. Hi Katie…Dan here from 90:10.Thanks for the lovely feedback…Have decided to do a flash sale (a' la GAP!!) 30% off everything on the site till Midnight tonight….Coupon code "830: when prompted!

  1. Despite my age (64), I live in hoodies. Modern textiles make them perfect. Lightweight, but warm. Showerproof to a degree. Hold their shape (unlike me :-))

  2. There are some fantastic products on their website – nice designs with added little practical touches here and there. I do particularly like the deep blue hoodie pictured in the blog entry.

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