Wonderful Pistachios Competition

It’s that time of year
everyone is manically trying to work there way through all the leftover
Christmas chocolate and cake at record speed so they can take a healthier step
forward now its 2015. Plenty of well
meaning resolutions to have a good diet are made and subsequently broken but
it’s genuinely hard when you have temptation on every corner and no suitable
snaking substitute!

After so much grazing over
the holiday period you might still feel like you still need something to keep
you going in between meals. Wonderful Pistachios make a
healthy alternative and are all natural, unlike the boys remaining treats (cola
reindeer jelly gums, psychedelic coloured sherbet dust and giant chocolate

The range includes a natural
pistachio flavour and some additional interesting flavours, Sweet Chilli, Salt
& Pepper and Salted. The different
pack sizes make it easy to find a size to accommodate your belly! I think its best to buy the biggest
packet so you can share with friends and family too. Although its good to have the option to buy a smaller packet
(150g) if your experimenting with which flavour you actually like best.

The name Wonderful Pistachios
suits the product perfectly, as Pistachios are just that for your body. They have a whole
host of health benefits helping the heart function well, if you’re a vegetarian
they are a great way to ensure you get adequate vitamin B6 and they also make an
ideal snack for diabetics because they are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids
which can help with insulin levels and is generally a healthier type of fat. I
think I should move away from the boys treats and develop a taste for Pistachios and fast! I am seeing far too many lean tummies and mine is looking a bit of the squishy side. It’s time to take action and remove myself from the naughty snacks…

you would like to enter the competition to win a selection of Wonderful
Pistachios products then please kindly fill out the form below by the 28th
of January.

Wonderful Pistachios Competition

317 thoughts on “Wonderful Pistachios Competition

  1. When my hubby went on holiday together in our younger days we would buy huge packets of Pistachios and loads of wine. We would play a game. See how many Pistachios you could shell in 1 minute. Whoever shelled the most drank a glass of wine. As you can imagine we got well tipsy. At least now you can buy pistachios shelled and you can buy them in small packets too. Alot more healthier, especially if you don't drink the wine. XXX

  2. My partner and I love nuts but have never tried these before. He is diabetic so would make a tasty but healthy treat

  3. Pistachios are probably the best thing nature invented. Well, after the sun. And water. And other things. But, yeah. They're really, really good, tasty and nutritious.

  4. I love pistachios but they are so expensive that I don't get them often, I am always buying things that the kids need. I would love to try the sweet chilli ones

  5. Pistachios are lovely – had some pistachio ice cream on holiday in Kefalonia a few years ago and it was to die for.

  6. …..trying to work THEIR way through all the leftover……..

    WHY Can't ANYBODY spell these simple words, THEY'RE only ENGLISH! There, Their, They're, never mind.

  7. I could certainly use a healthier alternative! I also know a little boy who adores pistachios! πŸ’–πŸ’–Great #prize & #giveaway to #win Would πŸ’• to win, thanks for chance, GL All! πŸ€

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