Alphabites Healthy Breakfast Fun

two were regularly going to breakfast club but once this delivery arrived from
BEAR with two packs of their tasty Alphabites cereal they requested home
breakfasts from then on!

The monster magnets in BEAR ALPHA BITES cereal are lots of fun x

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have made short work of the two boxes, its great seeing them so enthusiastic
for breakfast. It means they do not
take quite as long to eat it. Less of a
struggle first thing is wonderful for me, nothing worse than coaxing them to
eat every single mouthful whilst keeping a watchful eye on the ticking

Plus it’s very healthy with six
simple ingredients in the Multigrain variety, wheat, oats, corn, rice, barley
and coconut nectar. The last ingredient
is packed with minerals that assist with mental development; help bones and
muscles grow and give our immune system a boost! I think the last one is especially important now the cold and flu
season is upon us! I
am pleased I know exactly what my children are eating and they go off to school
in high spirits but minus the difficult sugar rush…

celebrate the fact there are no hidden monsters in Alphabites ingredients they
have added magnets instead! The magnets
are amusing with interesting letter shaped monsters on each one. Your own little monsters can get their claws
on 4 free Monsterbet magnets inside every box. 
But if I am honest my two do not need any extra motivation to get
chomping up their Alphabites the magnets are just a very welcome extra that
they like collecting.

are available in both Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain varieties and have an RRP
of £2.69. We will be stocking up whilst
the special monster magnet promotion is on, it’s a great way to encourage your
children to have some fun with letters and practise their spelling. But most of all I am just happy my boys are
having a decent start to their day and plenty of calcium to keep growing!

BEAR also have a special competition running at the moment you can download a template from the website and create your own monster with the chance to win some lovely prizes. We were sent some craft supplies so my boys could give it a go but they got a little carried away and just glued on every bit of card, feather and tissue paper to their entry then covered generously with glitter! They enjoyed the process anyway…

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