Dreaming of a Bigger Bank Balance

Lots of us have dreams and many of them rely on having money. I would love to write a book a chick lit story for a chance of fame and fortune. But my book has got as far as Chapter 1 page 1, so it’s hardly going to be setting the world on fire. So I have to think of other ways to get prosperous until the writing block lifts and I have a chance to continue my story! My hubbie has done well he has a good job for the area we live in anyway, but I definitely could do with pulling my weight.

Now the boys are at school full time I should be contributing more to the family income. Blogging brings us lots of wonderful treats but I could do with a regular income. When hubbie and I first got together we had money in premium bonds but that slowly dissipated as we dipped in it with one house project after another! I liked the thrill of waiting to see if we had a win each month, although we never did particularly well I think we only evened out in the end with how much interest we should have had in a bank account. I am generally risk adverse but I do like the odd flutter or gamble, but only if it’s one I can afford to do at the time. I am trying to instill into the boys not to spend more than they earn. Here is eldest showing off his birthday money.

Its hard living a hand to mouth existence I would love more foreign holidays like my friends seem to have or being able to go on shopping trips (instead of wearing my clothes until they get holes in them!). We have enough to pay our bills and that’s about it. I am grateful we can manage to do that of course but part of me craves a bit of the Mr Grey lifestyle (minus the “playroom”, just the fancy meals and helicopter rides please!!!).

Although would a big win change me? I love reading winners stories and what they got up too. Some seem to have blown it all quickly and with lots of fanfare, others continue to stay at work and some donate to charitable organizations. I would like to think we would help some charities, we have a few close to our heart, and I think I would encourage hubbie to give up work so we could go on one big adventure and travel the world and forget about our house for a bit with its leaking chimney and bumpy walls!!!

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