eFRAME Review

reviewed the upload, print and
frame option from eFRAME. The
process was self-explanatory, I particularly liked that if you upload a photo
that did not meet the minimum requirements it would come up with an error
message and not let you proceed with it. 
This ensures your chosen picture will be of a suitable quality, eFRAME
want you to have the best experience of their site and blurry stretched
pictures would not do their service justice or make for a happy customer.

your photo is uploaded you can see how it will sit in the frame. Then you have lots of options to customize
your experience (like the quality of the paper, the size, the mount colour and
the frame). It’s quite a sophisticated
process and eFRAME take away all the hassle for you. When you adjust the size of your photo you can see a rating for
the print quality, this again makes sure the end product will never disappoint. You can use the recommended option this is
the size they recommend to get the best print quality, I must admit I went with
their suggestion, as it seemed easier. 
The price varies depending on how flamboyant your choices are. I went for the lower end on the options but
am still over the moon with my item. 
But if you have a bigger budget then its well worth experimenting with
the different selections to find the product most tailored to you.

frame came packaged with great care; it arrived in perfect condition, which was
very reassuring. You are so excited
when your delivery comes the last thing you would want is for it to be damaged,
but eFRAME had my frame wrapped up safe.

love the concept of this service because how often do you have an amazing
picture but not the right size frame to show it off! I am very impressed with my gorgeous framed picture; I like it so
much I think I will convince hubbie to let me get another soon. I can see my photo wall coming along nicely
thanks to eFRAME. Hubbie has painted up an area of the hallway in preparation and seeing as we have no budget to re-plaster some strategically placed pictures will certainly make the place look better!

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