Exam Preparation

do like to help my children in their studies; they might only be in primary
school but early development is so important. My boys have lots of learning books at home, so regardless of holidays or weekends we try and fit a little study session in.

When my eldest had his first exam last year I did search online to see
if I could find any past papers to give me some idea of what he could
expect. I think preparation is key
when sitting exams; I want the boys to feel confident when they read through
the questions and not overwhelmed or worried about the process. My eldest did particularly well last year
but as the boys get older I might not have the level of knowledge to adequately
assist them.

My parents wanted to help me as much as possible when I
sat my exams, they bought lots of study guides and even hired me a tutor. My school had large classes and it was difficult
for teachers to give any one student dedicated support. I passed with good solid grades but I think
a big part of that was down to having extra assistance with my studies, if
you’re struggling with a particular subject a private tutor can soon turn the
situation around. Gaps in your
knowledge are quickly filled, area’s that need work on are identified and
progress is finally made! Nothing can
best the one to one ratio your own tutor provides.

is so much pressure and stress associated with exams but I want my boys to go
in calm. I was looking at Fleet Tutors as I really do not know
where to start if I did decide to get some extra help for my boys. I like the idea that this website has a
network of tutors across the country it certainly makes finding someone to help
your little cherubs that much easier. I
remember one of my private tutors was a very random gentleman we still recall
his study sessions with a mix of amusement and slight concern! But Fleet Tutors are very careful of who
they accept fortunately.

tough committing everything to memory ready for the exams themselves, I made lots
of notes, relied heavily on past papers to see patterns for possible questions
and drank far too much Red Bull to keep studying late into the night. I think though its best to give yourself
ample time to revise, your recall will not be at its best if your tired and overwhelmed
so please avoid my reliance on Red Bull and Pro Plus! I did so much better in my finals when I gave myself longer to compartmentalize all my knowledge
and stayed away from excess caffeine.

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