Half Term Plans

term is getting closer and I need to make plans to amuse and entertain the
boys. I enjoy visiting new places and
we were fortunate enough through my blog to have complimentary annual English
Heritage passes late last year. I think
I need to hunt them out of the drawer, dust them off and start putting them to
good use!

with us living in the sticks in Wales getting to most places involves a
considerable drive. The weather is also
a bit dicey this time of year so it’s important to get adequate breakdown cover. The AA have rescued us before when the car
battery was flat and we had no means of getting home! With children I think it’s even more important to have a quick
rescue otherwise they start moaning they are hungry, thirsty or need the

think we will be doing more geocaching
over the holiday too; it’s the excitement of what could be hidden in the next
box. Plus that’s a free activity apart
from petrol in the car and a picnic to keep our stamina up! We seem to take the long route to find a cache
but perhaps that’s because we are still learning. Hopefully our eyes will get attuned to spotting cleverly hidden

was having a look at this article
to see what attractions we have missed and if anything took my fancy. I do have some firm favourites we return to
every year like Legoland but many of the theme parks aren’t open yet.

Black Country Living Museum sounds interesting and not too far from a blogging friend of mine. Even better you pay once and return as much
as you like for a whole year. I
certainly like value when it comes to days out. If I could convince hubbie to drive as far as Cornwall I would
love to go to the Eden Project. Looking
at the list we have only done 8 of the 50 attractions so we better get

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