Kettler Indianapolis Air Go-Kart Review

the Indianapolis Air
arrived hubbie was quick to build it, it came with all of its own tools except
for a Philips screwdriver (which most people will have to hand!). The build instructions were easy to follow
and the boys felt like Christmas had arrived again when they set eyes on it the
following day! I think this has got to
be their most exciting review to date. 
“Ace, best thing ever”, “cool” and “so fast!” are the usual things the
boys are saying when they are driving around contentedly.

The finished go-kart looked very stylish with its fire
effect stickers, it also had speedometer and petrol gauge stickers, which
helped with imaginative play. The boys
were pretending to top up with petrol and keep an eye on their speed when driving. 
A decent go-kart is a fantastic present for children, over the last few
weeks my boys have been testing it out thoroughly, their enthusiasm has never
once faltered, whatever the weather they want to be outside go-karting. It is a great item to encourage them to spend
more time outdoors, away from computer screens and getting active in the fresh

#kettler #kettcar go karting fun x

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we have friends visiting everyone is eager to have a try! I have to be tough with the parents, as its
aimed for those aged 5-12 years but it seems no one wants to miss out on the
fun including the grownups!

My eldest has made a little video for you all to see the
go-kart in operation. It was a windy
day so apologies for the background noise. 
But it’s useful to see all the features, like the quality tires, the adjustable seat and the effective hand brake and see how easy the go-kart is to manoeuvre.

This particular go-kart had an RRP of £399 but this is one item your children will return to again and
again, if you factor in the longevity
of the item (children can use it up to 12 years!) then the price seems very
fair! Cheaper go-karts do not have such
advanced features including air tyres, so it’s a false economy spending less.

on your budget and the required age range Kettler have a wide range of suitable
go-karts but the main
thing with Kettler you are getting superior quality and workmanship as this go-kart has clearly demonstrated us. I think eldest might think he is on Top Gear when he does his hand brake stop!

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