Love is in the Air with My Ferry Link

It’s that time of year romance is in the air and everyone
is focusing on token gestures of love, everything is currently heart shaped in
our supermarket from the punnets containing our strawberries to the crumpets we

Some of you will be booking candlelight dinners for two or
quickly buying some wilted flowers from your local garage if you left it a bit
late getting organised!!! Although you
do still have time to redeem yourself before Saturday (yes it is Valentines
THIS Saturday)! My
Ferry Link have a Valentine competition running where the winner can set
sail into the sunset with a return trip for two from Dover to Calais. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate
Valentines than a memorable adventure in a place where wine is considerably
cheaper than here!!! I would raise my
glass to that.

for the competition it’s easy to enter, you just need to find a name for François’
new girlfriend. François’ is the My
Ferry Link mascot a rather dapper ferret always seen in a shirt and tie and
although he is very busy onboard the ferry he still has found time to become
very love struck (even lady ferrets like a man in uniform!).

I am thinking something pretty but
sophisticated for his blonde beauty, but whatever name inspires you! French names are so romantic!!!

Not only does the
winner get the chance of happiness on a ferry trip they can also choose a
charity to receive £250! That part
really excites me; sorry to my poor hubbie but lots of sleepless nights have
dampened romantic spirits here! But I
love the idea of giving back, we all have a charity close to our heart and how
fabulous would it be to hand over £250 to make a real difference to them. So get your thinking hats on and come up
with a name but remember the competition closes on the 15th of

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