Mothers Day Gift Guide and Competition

gift guide has been developed to inspire you all with some fantastic ideas
about what to buy this Mothers Day (March the 15th). If you find it tricky sourcing the perfect
gift you will be well accommodated here as I have such a lovely line up to
introduce to you.


cannot go wrong with a flower delivery and Appleyard Flowers have a particularly gorgeous selection
available. They are such a luxurious company;
your flowers arrive beautifully presented and last so well.

Beautiful @appleyardlondon #flowers for my mum #review x

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mum was the lucky recipient of the mothers day flowers
sent for my blog and she had such a contented look on her face when she
received them. Flowers always bring joy
to my mum and the Liberty bouquet is simply stunning!

a gift she really appreciates and its lovely you can include a personal message
to complete the gift. At £49.99 any mum
will feel truly spoilt and special with attractive fresh flowers.


your mum has a sweet tooth then you could consider a chocolate gift. Guylian chocolates have brought out some new
additions that are nothing short of delicious. 
We sampled the Crunchy Biscuit and Caramel Sea Horses.

Get in my tummy! Guylian new editions #chocolate crunchy biscuit & caramel x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jan 29, 2015 at 12:02pm PST

really like the design and with an RSP of £4 each they are such a reasonable
gift to buy. They do look considerably
more expensive. The taste and
presentation would fool you into thinking that they cost significantly more. They are available to buy from the Guylian shop.

Personalised Jewellary

I have always wanted to have a chain with my boys names and hand prints on, bella & bow made my dream come true. This has been my most favourite item from the gift guide, a beautiful dainty heart charm necklace (£50). The gift wrapping is nothing short of gorgeous, a lovely gift box and beautiful ribbon tied around it. It feels like a very luxurious present and the necklace itself was everything I wished for and more.

A personalised gift for Mothers Day, love the presentation x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 24, 2015 at 5:52am PST

I cannot think of a more precious gift for a mother than one involving their own children. Our children are our worlds so its natural we would want jewellary we can treasure forever. The ordering process was very easy, we were sent a kit with clear instructions on how to provide handprints of my boys. It comes with tips if you are trying to get the handprint of a baby or young child, like attempt to do it when they are sleeping or eating. You use the magic wipe making sure you cover all the fingers (or toes depending if you wanted a footprint), then press down on the special coated paper. You can have a few attempts, as many as you can fit on the paper and then use an arrow to indicate your favourite, I think that’s a useful suggestion in case one of the hand prints does not work out properly and you have a preference.

You can choose to have keyrings, charm beads, necklaces, charm bracelets and cuff links. They have really thought of everything, including a set if you wanted your pets paw print! You can tell a lot of care and attention is put into these products and the packaging. All the handcrafted charms are individually hand polished so they are so shiny and absolutely stunning. My necklace is very delicate and pretty I think I will never take it off! bella & bow aim to bring a smile to their customers face and they certainly achieved that.

As a small independent company they have excellent customer service, they pride themselves in being friendly and approachable. I would gladly recommend them for gifts this Mothers day.


were sent a Selfie
Stick (£20) from Case Hut, these are really growing in popularity and I was
desperate to try one out. I think lots
of parents are glad of a chance to finally take pictures all together as a
family. Otherwise a parent tends to be on photo
duty and you do not have as much opportunity to document memories the same for
the future, on top of that they can be lots of fun on girly nights out! It’s good for mums to let their hair down,
unwind and take some crazy snaps for future reminiscing.

was pleased with the arrival of the EasyLock
(£29.95), mums are always concerned about safety and although this is not a
traditional gift it will certainly bring lots of reassurance. I thought it was a useful gift to feature
because I actually would be glad to receive it myself. Often when we stay at hotels for blog events I do not sleep as
soundly as I should. A big part of this
is down to a cleaning lady once leaving her security pass in our room, I just
thought about what could have happened if it fell into the wrong hands. But with the easy lock I can add my own
extra security and actually get a decent nights sleep again. If you’re a woman travelling alone or an elderly person it will make all the difference giving you comfort and a sense of security.


As a family we love making cookies, they are just such a
tasty treat we do have one difficulty and that’s getting them the right size,
we tend to make them far too big and then they do not cook quite as well. It’s obviously a trial and error process and
you can learn by your mistakes or you can just make it so much easier with an OXO
Good Grips Cookie Press (£26.00). 
Using this clever gadget each of your cookies are then the perfect size
all consistent and gorgeous! As with
all of the Good Grips range it is very comfortable to use.

It is quite an exciting item because it brings lots of
fun to your cookies; the stainless steel discs bring 12 different shapes to
your cookies. Children will love seeing
the shaped cookies, trees, flowers, snowflakes and a teddy to name but a
few. Once created and cooled you can
them decorate them with piped icing I think there will be no going back to
thick slightly burnt cookies for us! Keep an eye on our instagram account we will be showing some of our creations over the next few weeks.

Brabantia have some lovely products to bring a splash of colour to your kitchen. I think this baking set is particularly useful, ideal for any budding chefs. It has a special promotional price at the moment of £38.50, which is very fair given it includes a mixing bowl, kitchen scales and adorable cookie cutters. It’s great to have functional products but ones that look stylish too.

It is available in red or mint (pictured), I actually have a mint set to giveaway so do not forget to enter the competition at the bottom of the page.

I like how Brabantia have developed a page of inspiration, so you can see which of their products you will love. Is it wrong that I am excited by a scented bin!!! We have just had a Brabantia ironing board arrive and its amazing, again household items might not necessarily be your first choice for gifts but if they make your life easier then why not!


find nothing more soothing than burning candles at the end of a stressful
day. Candlelight is renowned for being
relaxing and calming; us mums certainly need to take every opportunity to
unwind at the end of a long day parenting!

Yankee Candles have an extensive
range of gorgeous scented candles for every possibly occasion. We were sent the Mum small pillar candle
(£9.99), which smelt of fresh cut roses, it makes a wonderful gift because it’s
presented as an attractive tumbler and has a long burn time (35 to 45
hours). The fragrance would make your
house smell divine and it is a pretty colour, a delicate pink. The Mum wording is what makes this stand out
as the candle for Mothers day.

you prefer something more unusual the Alusi
are just the thing. They
are sculptured works of art; they make for a striking centrepiece to any dinner
table. We were sent two from the range,
but they do get more and more elaborate. 
Seeing them lit you see the true beauty, they are such sophisticated
candles. I like the multi wick aspect
to enjoy more flickering candlelight; these are candles at their most
innovative. I must admit I was hard
pressed to burn these candles, it was tempting to keep them for decoration.

Such unusual but striking #candles @alusicandles

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 22, 2015 at 9:32am PST

candles can now be made easier with a Zippo Candle Lighter
(£13.75) these are so handy to have if you regularly light candles, much easier
than having to dig out some matches or try your luck using the hob! It’s a nifty little gadget for the price and
looks a quality item. This would make a
welcome accompanying gift to go alongside any candle purchases you might make
this Mothers day.


bottle of wine can make a thoughtful gift; it’s worth seeking advice from a
wine merchant if you’re a little clueless like me. Or you can just keep to what you know your mum likes rather than
attempt to give them an education in wine.

were sent a bottle of Echo Falls
Fruit Fusions (Summer Berries) available from Tesco and Asda for £5,75. This was an exceptionally sweet wine, the
flavour of the summer berries was lovely but I found it a little too sweet for
my taste.

This sounds lovely! Fruit Fusion Rose Wine #mummybloggers review x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 11, 2015 at 10:43am PST

Someone I know suggested
diluting it down with tonic water and I think that was an excellent idea and
would make for a refreshing drink. Lots
of people do have a sweeter palate though so for them the Fruit Fusions range
would be an excellent match. I am quite
keen to sample the White Peach and Mango that sounds quite interesting.

You can make a wine gift that bit extra special with a service from GiftsOnline4U, they have a personalized pewter shield shaped label on them with “I love you” and your own choice of message (up to 60 characters). I had a message for my mum so I am looking forward to March the 15th and seeing her pleased face as it’s such a unique and lovely idea. You can pick from three choices (white, red or rose) and the gift looks quite exclusive. It costs £29.99 including delivery which is worth the cost if you want to try something that bit different this Mothers day. I think the label looks very attractive and elaborate on the bottle, perhaps after the wine is enjoyed a candle can be added and the bottle become a decorative keepsake.


It’s always lovely to receive beauty
gifts; us parents need to find time to pamper ourselves and feel
desirable. Usually I look like I have
been dragged into a hedge backwards but making more of an effort gives you
increased confidence and a renewed look at life. So this Mother’s day perhaps you could spoil your mum with a
hamper of beauty treats. Here are a
couple of suggestions to fill it with.

time to shave your legs in the rush of a hectic daily routine can be hard, but
the Venus Sugarberry razor (RRP £10.99) is very pleasant to use, with five
blades it gives a close shave (so you do not have to shave as often!) and the
Olay moisturising bar ensures you also have a comfortable experience too with
less dryness and discomfort. The
gorgeous Sugarberry scent makes the whole experience that much more agreeable

especially like the new Venus Snap (RRP £9.99) it’s so convenient for travel
with its own protective case and its dinky size. It’s so useful just wetting the skin and starting to shave you do
not need to bring any extra shaving gel along with you, which would make your
wash bag heavier. It truly is a
portable razor. You can find out more
information on these razors from

was sent a selection of Creightons products being available from Poundland you
know your getting an absolute bargain but what I had not counted on was getting
such fabulous products for the price. I
was sent the Scrubaholic Face Scrub (£1) it had a lovely smell and seemed
really effective at cleaning my skin. 
They have quite a lot of choice as part of this Squeeky Clean range; all
the items are £1 and seem to revolve around the sweet smells of raspberry and
pomegranate and leave you feeling radiant.

These look great and even better are available in Poundland! Bargain #haircare #beauty #skincare x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 6, 2015 at 1:05am PST

treatments for your hair are usually quite pricey but not so if you head to
Poundland again and pick out the Keratin Pro 2 Minute Miracle, these are
professional products but at silly prices really! It seems crazy to pay more when you can get quality effective
products at these prices. My hair felt
much better after its treatment, less flyaway and out of control (the hedge
look was smoothed out!!!).

have lots of options for Mothers day, their products are designed with busy
women in mind, ones that want to look their best but have little free time to
themselves. I was sent the Silk-épil SkinSpa (£169.99). This epilator is so
efficient it can remove hair as small as a grain of sand meaning you can get
the smoothest epilation experience possible in the comfort of your own home.

The 40 tweezers technology might sound a bit brutal
but fear not because it’s cordless you can use it with warm water which makes
your skin less sensitive. I think the biggest concern for women with these types of products is pain,
reassuringly Dr. med. Petra Staubach, University Skin Clinic, Mainz recommended this
product as a gentle method to remove hair!

I am
all for gentle and the fact the epilator massages the skin really makes all the
difference, Braun are all about you having comfortable skin. Using special cooling wet wipes which
are included prior to using the epilator prepare the skin, so really any
concerns you have are soon dissipated and its product you will soon love its
wonderful getting rid of even the finest of hairs, 4 x
shorter than waxing.

It is such a technologically advanced epilator, coming complete with
ample useful features like a smartlight so you can identify the areas you want
to work on even with the most smallest of hairs, it has a flexible head so it
can move easily around the contours of your body and has SoftLip tips to tackle
flat-lying hairs. The one hour charge is very
convenient and the product is simple to get to grips with.

It might seem an expensive piece of kit but you can even change the attachment head and give your pores some deep cleansing which can really help skin complexion. If you factor in all of this the prices suddenly seems more attractive.

The Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit (usually £99.99 but on offer currently) is the perfect option for someone who likes to take care of their nails. It can get costly to keep having your nails done so investing in one of these kits can help you get shiny salon nails at home. Although you might find yourself popular with friends who want you to do their nails too.

The kit is fast and effective, it cuts down a five stage process into a much quicker one (no base or top coat) and you then have lovely nails for 14 days. Part of the increased speed is the high performance lamp which is included in the set; it has 32 LED lights for super-fast curing time. It comes complete with one shade and you can buy more individually for £14.99 each.

Cosmopolitan Beauty said this is one of the best gel kits out there, so do make sure you enter the competition at the end of the blog post as I will be giving away one of these fabulous kits.


its still quite cold a gift of a warm jumper or coat would be very welcome this
Mothers day, I really feel the cold so like to be wrapped up well especially with
all the dog walking I do in all weathers.

The dog had chewed
off the toggles on my current coat so it was looking a little tatty, I was
beyond thrilled to review a winter coat from House of Fraser it was only £35 in
the sale so an affordable purchase. The
parka has washed well I managed to get quite muddy on one of my country walks
and its looking as good as new still.

You can search the Winter
Shop to find the ideal gift for staying warm and they have managed to
source a whole host of stylish clothes for winter, with fashionable gloves,
scarves and hats to accompany your winter coat. I am drawn to the Yumi products they seem more fun but if you
prefer you can pick out something more serious, it all depends on the
personality of your mum and what she would like.

Board Games

Lots of mums have been watching Downton Abbey, I am a huge fan myself. I love period drama, it captivates me seeing life how it was. It seemed a slower pace of life back then without all these facebook statuses, tweeting and instagramming everything! I am always sad when a series ends and I have ages till the next one, so its fabulous you can play the board game in between. Destination Board Games have the Downton Parlour & Card Games (£19.99) and Destination Downton Abbey (£24.95) with both available to buy from their website. It is a great idea returning to more traditional games like these which provide hours of entertainment. I will definately be taking these to my next girly night in with my friends.

Any #downtonabbey fans these games look great! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 26, 2015 at 2:32am PST

Tatty Teddy

These gorgeous teddies make a lovely gift for Mothers
Day, young children particularly like soft toys so they will enjoy being able
to pick one out for you to cuddle. I
was sent the 1st Class Mummy one for inclusion in this guide and I
must admit I love the sentiment. With
an RRP of £10.00 it makes a reasonable priced but thoughtful gift. They are available to buy from Clintons and
they have teddies for every occasion, each one is very soft and has lovely

Competition Time

If you would like to win the Brabantia baking set in Mint (£38.50) and the Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit (usually worth £99.99) then please fill out the form below by the 16th of March.

Win a Brabantia baking set (£38.50) & a Rokit Gel Polish Professional Kit (£99.99)

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  1. This is a lovely idea, although my Mums not much of a baker she does love a good manicure…and I can make the cakes! She would love the nail kit!

  2. The Appleyard flowers, they look beautiful, also I like the Easylock, would like to invest in one of those as I too can never sleep well when staying in an hotel

  3. My mum loves Yankee candles, it's a staple gift that she gets from me for Christmas, her birthday and Mother's Day. One birthday I didn't get her one because I was worried that she might think I wasn't putting any thought into her gift and she was really gutted she didn't get one 😉

  4. So many amazing gifts on here – love the necklace with the children handprints and names; personalised wine; yankee candle, coat and baking set!

  5. I think the Zippo Candle Lighter is a great idea; I find that matches burn down before I manage to even light the candle. Like the Venus razors too.

  6. If I were to receive the Gel Polish Kit for mothers day I would probably be the happiest mum in the world! I'd also love to give the epilator a go too. For my mum, I'd go flowers, candles, or clothing I think.

  7. I really like the flowers. You cannot have enough flowers in the house. Roll on summer when I can pick some from my garden

  8. what beautiful gifts, i would love to give these to my very special mum. my mum is my rock because she is always there for everyone despite having her own problems. She always puts others first before herself and is my best friend. She really deserves to be spoilt.

  9. I think the flowers are beautiful & look to be a good sized bouquet, so often when florists deliver flowers the bunch looks really puny compared to the photos also my Mum loves Belgian chocolates & often buy the aforementioned brand for me on my birthdays & Christmas. I think the candles are lovely especially the sculptural looking one from Alusi Candles & personally I've always wanted one of the gel manicure kits! 🙂

  10. The Downton Abbey board game – Im a total Downton addict! That and the candle lighter. I burn my fingers a lot trying to light candles – especially the ones in a jar! x

  11. Well, I know she'd like the candles and the candle lighter, but she really needs the Winter coat, because she really feels the cold! For me well I struggle with my nails so definitely the Rokit Gel
    Polish nail kit, I also love the personalised jewellery!

  12. Love the cookie press! Would be great fun for the litte ones. All fab though, and I can highly recommend the Downton Abbey game which I had at Christmas. 🙂

  13. The cookie press – would be great fun for the little ones. All great though. I had the Downton board game for Christmas – it's brilliant!

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