National Stationery Week #getkidswriting Competition

was sent a selection of Zebra pens, they are bright and colourful and my boys
were very enthusiastic to use them. If
I am honest I do find it hard to get my two writing, we do plenty of reading
but not enough writing. I am hoping
these pens will encourage the pair of them to formulate more words; it would
certainly help their spelling and give them more confidence.

boys are just so active lately, they want to wrestle and run around like wild
things, they do not take too well to being coaxed to sit nicely and colour,
write and draw. But certain stationery
like this can capture their attention and make them more likely to try writing. The pens are easy for children to grip and
the bold colours are fun. The designs
with the animal print were their favourite but even just the smooth ballpoint
pens had a degree of novelty about them. 
The smooth pens made writing easier therefore my boys were more likely
to try them.

is so important to get children writing by hand and its not just me that will
be having difficulty I am sure so I thought it was well worth sharing these suggestions
on the National
Stationery Week website. They
advise your child writes a postcard or letter to someone they know, I think
this is a lovely idea especially if they had a reply it would be the motivation
for them to continue doing so. They
have plenty of other ideas too, like writing up shopping lists (especially if
my two could pick what treats they were buying!!!) or party invites. There are little opportunities every day to
get your children to practice their writing, its just best for them not to
realise its happening, keeping it light and enjoyable.

will be giving away 8 Zebra pens to one lucky winner (as pictured) to enter the
competition please leave a comment on my relevant facebook status by the 5th of March.

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