Oilatum Daily Junior Review and Giveaway

My children regularly have issues with their skin being
dry; for a while everything seems okay then suddenly they have a flare-up. It’s important to remember how delicate
children’s skin is, it might be tempting to use the same bath foam or shampoo
but you really need to buy gentle products deigned solely with children in
mind. Tender skin can make your child
feel miserable but fortunately you can quickly turn around most problems with
the right products.

Oilatum range of products really do help care for your child’s dry skin. My two were eager to jump straight into the
bath when they saw this thoughtful delivery.

Such a lovely delivery from Oilatum and I will be giving away a set on my blog too x

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I was delighted to try products that would keep their skin soft without
the worry of irritating ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate. With no strong scent or colour it’s
reassuring you know there is nothing extra in the products that is not
needed! Bath toys can make bath time
fun you don’t need wildly coloured bath products that might dry out your child’s
skin further.

have a habit of getting mucky jumping in puddles or rolling down hills, but
thankfully you can use Oilatum products everyday to keep your children fresh
and clean, especially in winter when dry skin conditions can be at there
worst. Oilatum helps you weather proof
your skin, keeping it moisturized. My
youngest hands were especially tender but long lovely Oilatum baths have relieved
the itching and reduced the redness. It
also helps to pat dry after a bath to keep as much of the product as
possible. Then add the lotion which absorbs easily
into the skin and a little bit goes a long way, so they work out at a
reasonable price for such a useful products. The range is available in Boots, Tesco, Asda, Lloyds and Independent pharmacies.

you would like to enter the giveaway to win the exact package I was sent which
included the Oilatum Daily Junior Range Skincare Kit, a floating bath
thermometer, bathtime toys, a hooded towel with ears and a soothing candle for
the grownups then please complete the form below by the 7th of

Win an Oilatum Bundle

177 thoughts on “Oilatum Daily Junior Review and Giveaway

  1. We love Oilatum as it's suitable for the whole family. I used it all the time I was having radiotherapy as it was so gentle on my skin. My daughters suffer with dry skin, particularly in the winter so we always have Oilatum bath and the moisturising lotion in bathroom.

  2. My daughter suffers with infant eczema and Oilatum is what we use on her, weve been using it since she was 6 months old and she now 3 years old and its brilliant, it really does help with her skin. She has the junior bath additive and the junior cream. Fingers crossed as this bundle would come in handy

  3. I love Oilatum, my daughter had terrible Eczema, she scratches herself raw somedays, she's plastered from the neck down bless her, my oldest daughter has it too but she only gets it on her upper legs and face, winning this would be fab for us.

  4. My cousin always used oilatum when we were children and i LOVED sleeping over at her house so i could have a bath in it. it smelt lovely and loved my skin afterwards.would love to win

  5. I need to check out the oilatum range, we have used the bath oil stuff from GP but happier they have better items and more fun than cloudy water we have a the moment

  6. I have tried very thing but Oilatum, after these comments I'll definitely be giving it ago. Been prescribed cream but it doesn't quite do the job. Thank you for the info and the chance!

  7. Both my girls are suffering with eczema at the moment. The cold weather does it and unfortunately for them, they adore baths, but without the proper products added, they dry out even more! Poor lambs. Itches and hurts them.

  8. My son suffers with really bad dry skin and eczema which he controls with Oilatum bath additive, Oilatum cream and steroid cream from the doctors. Oilatum is really good for moisturising his skin and we use lots of it! I often use it myself as I too suffer from dry hands 🙂

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