Pabobo Mr Perfect Review and Competition

boys are fans of Mr Men and have all the books, so they were especially happy
to see their new Mr Men Night Light Companion. What I
am finding with some of their current night lights is they run out of batteries
and I never get round to replacing them but Mr Perfect is really just
that! He is charged by a clever micro
USB, which then gives 11 hours of light. 
The micro USB is a safer option, as I am not keen on lots of wires in a
child’s bedroom; I tend to be something of a worrywart! But with Pabobo who have been developing
night-lights for years you get the reassurance of an established and
experienced brand that really knows what both parents and children want.

I made a point of going in their room during the night to
check on Mr Perfect, but I needn’t have worried he was cool to touch and very
safe for my children to handle. It’s a
night-light that they can cuddle if the darkness frightens them. It’s a wonderful glow, not too overpowering
to start to awaken you child, just the right level to provide comfort and
security when it’s needed!!!

Pabobo Mr Perfect Night Light Companion, so cute, will be giving one away on my #blog x

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Plus its very
portable if they want to be all grown up and take themselves off to the toilet
in the night. It’s more than a light really
it’s a new little friend, such a charming sweet character your child will love.

These gorgeous night-lights are now
available at Jojo Maman Bebe at £30. 
Our new addition has worked wonders it certainly made the boys eager to get to
bed, they even insisted on having a sleepover as Mr Perfect worked his magic,
making them get along for a change and cosy in together.

have been offered either a Mr Men or Little Miss Night Light to giveaway (the winners choice), to enter
the competition simply fill out the form below by the 4th of March.

Pabobo Mr Men/Little Miss Night Light Competition

212 thoughts on “Pabobo Mr Perfect Review and Competition

  1. Sounds wonderful, my son loves mr men too, and I did get another night light but it to has a long wire that I do worry about and in fact recharge in my bedroom because of it but it doesn't last long and has to be charged everyday which I wasn't expecting. So I would love to win this one, cross fingers

  2. I could do with a Mr Perfect & I don't mean a night light! In fact, I'll settle for a Mr With Flaws (perfect don't exist) – I just want a Mr!!! 🙁

  3. These look brilliant! My daughter has suddenly started getting scared at night and I've been trying to find the right night light. I'm also a massive worrier about wires and plugs and stuff! These sound perfect 😊
    Following on twitter @littletreasur13

  4. this would be brilliant, sassy currently sleeps with a lamp on, but lamps get hot and i cant help but worry something will happen. and it is very bright, this would be a much better alternative

  5. Love Mr Men…Love Pabobo they are fantastic, would love to win for the boys, they like making indoor tents and this would be great or when we go on holiday and they're staying somewhere unfamiliar.

  6. I love that something from my youth is just as popular now, but it much cooler fashions! This night light is just brills!

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