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I really like the concept of these boxes; every month you
can receive a themed delivery of treats and toys for your dog. As the owner of one cute, but particularly
whiney puppy I was very grateful of some new items to amuse her. I must spend a fortune at our local pet shop
buying different bits and bobs to occupy and entertain her, so it makes sense
in my case to subscribe to something like this. This month it was Valentines themed so you could feel the love
jumping out of the box with a heart shaped squeaky toy and some heart shaped

#pawsomebox for Summer #dogsoninstagram very pleased with her treats x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 19, 2015 at 1:05am PST

think if you do like spoiling your dog or you just enjoy a little bit of peace
and quiet when they get a new chew a subscription would be ideal. The review box I was sent contained six
items but it would normally cost £19.90 (including delivery) although you can
cancel at anytime. Or if you like
excellent value for money the yearly subscription works out at just £15.90 a
month which I think is much more reasonable. 
Once we have got to grips with our house DIY I might well consider
getting a subscription for Summer. I
can just imagine her sitting patiently each month waiting for her latest
delivery and then finally I can relax for a good few hours whilst she gets chomping
and playing with her new toys!

goodies vary slightly depending on your dog’s profile, which covers things like
age, size, weight, breed and fur type, so you know that the
items you receive will be a good match for your dog. The only item I was not 100% sure about was dog ear cleaning
buds! But I guess you never know when
they might come in handy. The contents
are always worth considerably more than what you pay so you can be quite
forgiving of the odd item that might not be entirely to your/their taste. Plus the surprise element is rather lovely
and its exciting letting your dog have their own post and being introduced to
different products.

can find out more at the Pawsome box

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