Win a Brand New Mattress with Carpetright

is gearing up for the cinema release of Fifty Shades of Grey; I am planning a
trip to see the film with the girlies although the news about some cinema’s
adding plastic sheets is a bit off putting if I am honest! So instead I might make the most of this
Carpetright competition 50
Sheets of Grey and have a chance of winning a brand new mattress (in grey
naturally!) and some luxurious bed linen and wait for the video release! The movie trailer certainly whets the

really easy to enter the competition you just have to describe your ideal Mr
Grey, do you have one in your life already or are you still looking? To be honest I do not have energy for all
the chains and handcuffs, I would prefer being wined and dined and with a
billionaire boyfriend there is no danger of running out of cash for the high
life. But when the pair of them become
parents they might well have felt the same and not have energy for the kinky
stuff anymore!!!

ideal Mr Grey would be kind, thoughtful, genuine and reliable. He would not have a red room of pain that’s
for sure! As the books went on I did
find myself warming to Mr Grey more, but his addictive personality ruins his
softer romantic side for me, he seems to enjoy inflicting pain on poor Anastasia
Steele. I like the idea of my Mr Grey
being rich and powerful, but not if its used as a means to control me. My prince charming would perhaps skip that whole
tricky self-discovery stage and get to the fairy tale ending!

But each to their own, I
think Carpetright are going to have lots of fun reading through the entries and
seeing what women really want. Pre-kids
I might have been more eager for excitement but these days I am just happy with
stability and the occasional lie in.

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