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Since my boys watched their first Star Wars film a few weeks back they have become HUGE fans. Already many of my eldest son’s class were watching the films, playing with the characters and staging light sabre fights so it’s great they can share that same enthusiasm now with their friends. So I was excited to team up with Hasbro and offer my followers a fantastic competition worth £100 to win a generous collection of Star Wars figures.

The winner will receive the Star Wars Command Millennium Falcon Set, Star Wars Command Epic Assault, Star Wars Command Sandtooper Strike, Star Wars Command Death-Star Strike and Star Wars Command Final Battle. Army type figures are so popular and a great way to return to classic play, taking the love of Star Wars away from the screen and into the hands of children. The ideal way to get children playing together especially when the sets have so much scope for adventure. The detailing is good on the figures and will certainly capture the interest of your children, especially as all their favourite characters are included (personally I love Han Solo and Chewbacca). The ship has some functionality you can launch it into the battle by pulling it back then releasing, children always seem to appreciate extra features like this.

With over 90 different figures and vehicles you can just imagine the battles that could be fought with such an amazing assortment of these collectible figures and vehicles. Children can now decide the fate of the galaxy with these sets, imaginations can run wild, film scenes can be recreated and new scenarios developed. This bundle would keep your children occupied for ages. We are looking forward to having some figures to review, as I know my pair will be over the moon when they see them.

If you would like to enter to win this fabulous prize please complete the form below by the 20th of March.
Win a Star Wars Command Bundle (worth £100)

172 thoughts on “Win A Star Wars Command Bundle

  1. my almost 11 year old is star wars everything.he has lots of the old 80 which we collected for him and lots of his eldest brothers too.hes now half way through collecting lots of lego star wars so he got a fantastic collection

  2. I've always loved Star Wars! I saw the original movie 3 times at the cinema when it came out in 1977-luckily my dad loved it too! And who could ever forget hearing those words, "No, I am your father" for the very first time! For me as a kid,Star Wars had everything- a pirate, a princess, a magician,cool weapons,a vast array of weird and wonderful aliens and of course the black-hearted villian who actually turned out to be more human than we would ever imagine! Oh and the kids love it too which is why I'd like to win.. for them not for me..ahem

  3. Sounds silly, but I had them all when they first came out. Took them to a friends' house and we were playing in the field behind her house and lost them all. Couldn't find them even after 3 hours of looking in the place where we had been.

  4. Wow I remember Star Wars when I was a kid, so would have loved one of these then but alas they were too damned expensive! Something me and wee man can actually play together without my looking dumb!

  5. Would love to win for my lovely grandson who is just slightly obsessed with Star Wars (for this read he's mad for Star wars).

    Thanks for the chance to win x

    (Real name: CHristine Lockley_

  6. My hubby was a big fan of Star Wars and had many new boxed sets which he eventually sold as they were collectors items & then regretted it. He would love this if I won – as would our son!

  7. I love Star Wars and have just got my boy into it too. This would be the icing on the cake. Me and him will have hours of fun. Eve Burke

  8. I was a real Star Wars fan when I was little – had loads of the original figures but sadly they were lost, sold or thrown out somewhere along the way! I'd love these toys for old-times sake and also for my kids to enjoy!!

  9. Im a huge star wars fan and have been most of my life. I dont have any star wars command products yet and would love to start my collection of them!

    Trevor Linvell

  10. My kids have got their Star wars craze from their dad, uncle, gramp……………….to name just a few, they cant wait to get dressed up when the new film hits our screens to visit the cinema

  11. My son would love this prize as he has grown up watching Star Wars from birth, I'm a huge fan and made sure he had the correct upbringing 😀 Thank you and good luck to all <3

  12. Ever since the Lego movie was released my son has gone Lego and star wars crazy, typically, both merchandise are so expensive though, would be amazing to win, thank you for the chance x

  13. I have family that have loved Star Wars since the very beginning, Myself, My Sons, and now my Grandson all love the films, so I am sure my Grandson would love the toys also

  14. My hubby is a huge Star Wars fan! He loves doing impersonations of Yoda, a shame I'd prefer a very accurate HANS Solo impersonation, mmm we all have our reasons for loving Star Wars, I'd love to win this prize for both of us!

  15. I was bought up in the star wars era from the 70, /80,s to now watched them all more than once all my family love the movies too ,my youngest son would love this prize a real treat

  16. As a kid I was a huge Star Wars fan and had plenty of the toys, this would be great for my wee laddie so he can have the same experiences as me.

  17. My autistic son is a MEGA Star wars fan!!..this would 'Command' an, all too rare smile to his face!! thanks!! x ….Deborah Swain

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