After #wallsaucemakeover

month I wrote a before post about our
mural makeover project with wallsauce showing how dull and uninspiring the
playroom was. Big boring magnolia walls
lacking personality, well wallsauce
certainly came to the rescue in that respect, the room has been
transformed and the boys are very happy with the end result.

wallsauce #wallmural #batman looks amazing and is massive x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 19, 2015 at 12:22pm PST

Hubbie found it easy to put up. The instructions are quite comprehensive, letting you know what
additional tools you might need (such as a spirit level and plumb line) and
tips for a successful installation. To
achieve the best results they recommend two people work together to install the
mural, hubbie is quite determined (or should I say stubborn!) and managed to do
it on his own.

#wallsaucemakeover was so easy to put up, we love murals! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Feb 24, 2015 at 4:23am PST

We had the textured
self-adhesive which hubbie would vouch for as it meant no messing about with
paste or water, just peel off the back and stick to the wall so that certainly
made things almost effortless. I think
the extra £10/m2 is worth paying just to simplify
the installation.

The boys were absolutely delighted with the end
result. It seems we always tend to
gravitate towards the mural; it makes an exciting backdrop for any pictures we
want to take. Youngest blew out his
birthday candles with Batman watching on. 
The image intrigues the boys, they like the action captured in it with
the bullet holes and the smashed up police cars. They are in awe of Batman dominating the picture and it makes
them keen to have adventures of their own.

Here is a little video with eldest highlighting why he
likes the mural so much:

Eldest thought the mural would be the size of a regular
poster, so it was a pleasant surprise when he saw the finished
installation. He was ready for action;
he changed into his Batman costume and wanted to have an adventure.

You can really tell it was a captivating mural when my
son’s friends are planning on moving in with us just to be near it!!! I will be sending their parents the link to
wallsauce instead…

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