Basil Brush on Tour

was always a fan of Basil Brush as a child so it’s great that I can introduce
my own children to the rather funny fox! 
We have been offered review tickets for the tour that starts on the 14th
of March and runs through until the 22nd of November across the
UK. With so many different locations
you are bound to find one convenient for your family, you can see all the
details on the website.

Brush is such a character, he really does entertain children, making them smile
and giggle. Do not be deceived by his
posh accent and liking for snazzy outfits he can be quite a handful. He has been around for 50 years now but in
that time he has yet to mature, he is still very naughty!!! Expect lots of jokes and general silliness.

know my boys will be over the moon to see him in the summer holidays. The new live stage show is set to be full of
laughs as the mischievous fox tests poor Mr Stephen (Chris Pizzey from the TV
show) to his limits! If you wonder what
a charming fox could possibly get up to you can watch the videos to get a
little taster of some of his antics! 
Even dressed up as a king he manages to theatrically burp and break wind…
(My boys especially love potty humour so that is guaranteed to go down well!). I love how Basil laughs at his own jokes
too, that somehow makes me laugh more.

blog post would not be complete without the mandatory BOOM! BOOM! thrown
in for good measure! So book up your
tickets and countdown the sleeps ready for this amazing tour and to keep
building up the excitement until then make sure you have watched all the videos
and followed them on facebook.

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