Battle Of The Sexes: Who Is The Better Driver?

Determining which gender drives better is an age old debate that leads to nowhere, but if we are to let science and statistics dictate our study, we might be able to see how some drivers are really better than others. Perception is a powerful thing that comes into play when we are debating which gender is better at driving. Psychologists claim that it’s difficult to determine whether men are truly better drivers than women because most people perceive men to be better drivers. However, some may argue that women are better drivers due to their peaceful nature when on the road. The learning to drive process could also play a part in determining the better driver, as women tend to be more studious, focusing on the educational part of driving, committing the theory test to memory, appreciating the rules of the road and being mindful of individual driver conduct.

Better sense of direction

Men are usually the ones driving behind the wheel therefore giving them the advantage of having a better understanding of how the road conditions vary. Driving frequently increases the proficiency of the drivers, and because men are usually the ones behind the wheel, they have more time to become proficient with the road conditions. Knowing the roads like the back of your hand allows you to drive better. Driving is a learned skill and anyone can definitely improve if only they allot their time driving.

Reckless drivers

Women tend to have fewer crashes according to a 2007 study from the AAMI. The reason behind this statistic is the fact that men are more likely to be involved in serious accidents because they are prone to driving recklessly. 87% of men have experienced a crash while only 77% of women have crashed their cars. Men are also likely to break the law than women drivers, making them the safer choice for drivers all around. One reason why women tend to drive slower is the fact that they are more in touch with their motherly nature. Some women drivers are also accompanied by their little ones, making them drive safely while they’re on the road.

Men tend to drive faster than women, leading them to cause accidents. One in eight men admits that they often ignore restricted speed limits and more men agree that they speed in order to get to work sooner.

Prone to distraction

While men are more likely to stay focused on the road, women are easily distracted. Studies found out that women are 4 times more likely than men to be involved in an accident because of texting. Although men are more likely to lose their concentration, less men use their cellphones while they’re on the road helping improve their driving ability. Kids present when driving contributes the highest rate of distraction to females, and females who apply make-up on a daily basis while driving are prone to experience accidents on the road. As more and more women are easing up to the idea of driving alone, it should be noted that people should always be on the lookout for accidents. This can be easily avoided by following the proper etiquette when driving on the road.

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