Contactless Payments

you’re at the supermarket and your desperate to leave, every second literally
counts! Don’t get me wrong I am usually
happy to take my time shopping but when the boys are with me it’s more of a
grab and go affair! The longer we
remain in the store the more problematic their behaviour becomes and the more
my blood pressures rises. They love
nothing more than running amuck in the food aisles trying to chuck unwanted
extras into my trolley, much to the amusement of other shoppers who seem to
have a much tighter leash on their own kids. 
Yes mine are those children that in the past opened the odd packet and
idly eat the contents as they rampaged through the store… whilst other children
seem programmed to politely follow their parent with basket in tow.

payments instantly improve my mood on arrival at the till, swiping the card
saves some precious time and gives me a head start wrestling the boys out of
the store! TSB have just rolled out the
functionality to 2.2 million customers and its ideal for those small purchases
when I just need fruit for school, more bread and milk. Plus if I am honest half the time I can
never remember my PIN code, call it mummy memory loss if you like, but whatever
it is it’s embarrassing when the queue is steadily building up behind me.

keep an eye out for the contactless sign when your shopping so you know you can
pay like that.

I must admit at first I was dubious about security but contactless payments are limited to purchases up to £20 and are just as safe as chip and PIN. You will routinely be asked to verify your card with your PIN number I must admit this gave me additional reassurance using the new method. I do not always readily accept change but for me contactless is that bit quicker and my sanity in the supermarket has in part been restored!

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