Getting Messy Fruit Shoot Jam Art

We were sent three bottles of
Fruit Shoot Jam so the boys could enjoy getting creative. It is quite an entertaining activity,
perhaps a little messy and chaotic, especially as my boys wanted to use cookie
cutters, cocktail sticks and anything else they could salvage from the
drawers. Any excuse to bring out all
the kitchen utensils just for kicks…

But there has never been a better
time to experiment with their jam! At
the moment Fruit Shoot have a facebook competition running where you can have
the chance of winning some rather fabulous prizes including for the overall
winner Merlin Annual passes, so you can soon forgive the trail of sticking
fingers all over the kitchen and start day dreaming about lots of lovely days

Entering is very simple just head
to the Fruit Shoot facebook
page and upload a photo of their jammy artwork and then keep your fingers
tightly crossed your child does well in the competition. The competition closes on the 16th
of April, so still plenty of time to enjoy being imaginative with jam. Given its getting close to Easter maybe some
themed pictures could be quite fun! As
it is we had a lion and a tiny little bear (blink and you miss it!).

The best part after their efforts
is they got to eat their art afterwards.

So head off to the supermarket pop a Fruit Shoot Jam
bottle or two into your trolley and return home to enthusiastic children eager
to get inspired. Ideally buy all three
bottles so you can have the choice of colours when being arty. It’s great seeing the creations already
entered into the competition. Alongside
the jam you can see toast, pancakes, sweets, Weetabix and ice cream used! So choose your food backdrop wisely (based
on what you enjoy eating!) and start having lots of fun.

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