Gillette Venus #UseYourAnd

are all so many different things, why do people feel the need to pigeonhole
people into a particular category. 
Gillette Venus are trying to empower women everywhere to move away from
labels and stereotyping. You can be whatever
you want to be, labels make women feel insecure and unhappy in themselves, so I
am all for Gillette Venus trying to put an end to them!

it starts from a young age at school, children have set ideas about things and
the name-calling begins. The problem is
we are all probably guilty of it at some point in our lives, so for change to
happen we need to acknowledge the negative effect stereotyping has on
individuals and all try harder not to do it.

can follow the social media movement with the hashtag #UseYourAnd and see how
multi-faceted each person is! It makes
for an interesting read and motivates you to realise you can be whatever you
want to be. I considered myself a
mother first and foremost, but I am a wife, a friend, and a daughter.

Labels mean less to me as I have got
older, I have thicker skin now thankfully! 
A good thing really as my friends five year old is always telling me I
have a wrinkly neck and chicken pox (on the days I have a spotty
complexion!). But for the 16-25 year
olds surveyed labels were a big deal. 
When your young and impressionable its tough dealing with the opinions
of peers. 

Claudia Chan the campaign ambassador (pictured below) has some tips to help you overcome the challenges of being labelled. Go through your past think of examples were you demonstrated different skills, ones that contradict the old beliefs. Always see the potential in yourself.

As my boys get older I hope
they can see past labels and try their best not to let them bother them. I want them to feel happy and content, not
restricted because they think they need to act a certain way or start to try and change. I have many different facets as I am sure
all my readers do too so lets keep adding the AND.

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