#NotWithout5Things Campaign

love this new campaign by British Gas getting you to think about where you
money really goes; they have an enlightening video titled “What five things couldn’t you live without?” that actually helps you realise that our
daily indulgences can actually cost us more than our essentials (like energy
costs). Especially when you consider
one individual in the video spent £150 a month on makeup, another person spent
£120 on just one pair of jeans and a third said it costs £3,000 to fill his
boat with fuel!!! We all have different interests and lifestyles but regardless we will always find something to spend our disposable income on, even my frugal living dad would be lost without his Sky Sports subscription.

the main things I need are my family and gorgeous dog Summer that goes without
saying, but we all have a weakness for something else too. Mine would be homemade cakes, takeaways, the occasional cooked breakfast at the local cafe, the cost of hiring DVD’s to watch with
hubbie and stocking up on wine for those nights in with the girls every now and
then. None of these are essentials for
us to live; they are just little treats that help keep me sane on a weekly

But when you calculate how much you can potentially
spend on extras it does soon add up! It
makes you put into perspective how little it costs to fuel your house,
especially when I can easily drop £3 a day just on a decent slice of cake and
that’s then gone in seconds!

Temptation! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Mar 10, 2015 at 7:06am PDT

The video shows how few people actually have any idea how much energy
costs a day and if I am honest I would be joining them with that
guesswork. So it’s pleasing to hear the
average daily household energy cost is just £3.16, only slightly more than my
cake habit! You can see from the reactions
from the video everyone is pleasantly surprised by the news, I certainly felt
the same. You always think your money
goes on the boring essentials in life but at that price you quickly realise how
much more you actually spend on treats!

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