Planning Our Next Social Gathering

I have a close group of friends and I look forward to our regular evening gatherings. We like to organise different things to do. We have had an “I’m A Celebrity” evening with the board game from Iceland featuring, eating “interesting” flavoured and textured foods (snot balls, grubs and worms) was an experience… my lucky friend managed to make it to the end of the game only on the treats (marshmallows and brownies!). We had inflatable palm trees and Ant and Dec masks to get into the spirit of the evening.

The latest one in the planning stages is a murder mystery evening, I have ordered my costume already, I am going as Black Widow, apparently I used to be married to Blackbeard before his untimely death! It is a pirate themed event as you might have guessed and I am looking forward to the promised Malibu cupcakes! I have not attended a murder mystery before, so I am not entirely sure what to expect. My character will be wearing a black dress and veil and I will be getting into character by looking all mournful for my lost pirate love. We were given authentic looking scrolls as invites, aged with coffee!!!

So much care and attention has been put into this event that I am counting down the sleeps.

I am sure it will be my turn to come up with an idea soon, my friends are quite theatrical, fancy dress tends to feature quite often (one of my closest friends was a Christmas tree at my last birthday!). I will have to start coming up with a plan. I hosted a couple of cocktails evenings but my hubbie’s cocktails were a little too potent for my guests… we have enjoyed bingo before so I thought perhaps a gaming evening, we could head to, a mobile friendly bingo site and try our luck, any winnings we can then plough straight back into the social fund for our next scheme! I like the idea of a St Patrick’s theme with the luck of the Irish if I can get it all organised by tomorrow, we could all get into wearing big hats I am sure and cracking open the Irish Whisky.

I am blessed really to have such an outgoing, creative bunch of girls to call friends.

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