Remembering the 90’s

do get quite nostalgic at times; I think you tend to as you get older. I remember those fond times when I was
carefree, living at home with parents to take care of me! Now I am the parent and have all the
responsibilities to juggle myself, the happy-go-lucky 80’s and 90’s seem a very
long time ago…

much has transformed; technology has moved on and become more
sophisticated. It seemed a simpler life
back then. But you can soon forget how
much has altered as you slowly adapt to change over time. I like looking back though and Lush Shirts
have some retro t-shirts just for that purpose, to see the range click here.

The t-shirt saying never forget with a picture of a floppy
disc made me smile, my children would not even know what one of them was.

It’s funny how far we have come, back in the day when we were
grateful for 8-bit gaming.

My boys are
suitably unimpressed now if I try and introduce them to anything that is not
all singing and dancing, when I was in awe of the early Super Mario
Brothers games with simple graphics.

I think I am one step from saying “things were better
back in my day” mind and turning into my dad. 
So I might invest in a few t-shirts to be an advocate of the eighties
and nineties and educate my boys! Lush
Shirts certainly make it easy to take a trip down memory lane; they have free UK delivery when you spend over £50 and special promotional coupons like “4for3” gets you 4 t-shirts for the price of 3.

Lush Shirts are hand printed in the UK and made from super soft cotton, so not only can you express yourself you can feel comfortable at the same time! Even though I was a child of the 80’s and 90’s I did not get all the t-shirt references, I had to google “Who loves orange soda?” so you can tell my interests at that time were more computer related. Although hubbie remembers Kenan & Kel, but he is three years younger than me (he never lets me forget that!).

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