#VanishGoldForWhites The Results

was quite excited to see how Vanish Gold would cope in this blogger
challenge! The Karen Millen discoloured
shirt I was sent looked rather grey and if I am honest I wasn’t entirely sure
if their new product pitched as best for whites would actually manage to
restore it back to its original white colour (1 on the colour chart).

packaging sounded quite optimistic of course as Vanish Gold supposedly can make
greyed fabrics up to three shades lighter and I was eager for it to work to
have a new item for my wardrobe! But
looking at the Vanish colour chart I knew the shirt had a LONG way to go on the
whiteness scale for me to be happy to wear it.

had two options to keep washing the garment (which can take up to five washes)
or leaving it to have a longer soak (for up to six hours) then wash as normal. We decided to try the longer soak as it
really looked like it needed all the help it could get…

it in the sink to work its magic I noticed how much I liked the smell of the
product, it was very pleasant. We didn’t scrub the shirt, as it had no stains to speak of so it was quite an easy process just leaving it to do its thing and transform magically back into a
white shirt.

then washed the garment in the washing machine and waited with bated breath to
see the end result. I wanted to start
checking on the colour chart straight away but we decided we also had to wait
for the shirt to dry (aah the suspense!). Fortunately
Vanish did not disappoint, I was so happy with the shirt I was keen to start
wearing it straight away. The product
completely lived up to its promises, the white colour was restored and the
shirt looked great again.

have always been reluctant to buy white items of clothing because of issues
with discolouration over time; they seem to get very grey and dull after only a
few washes. I will definitely reconsider
now having seen how effective this product from Vanish is. It’s not difficult to add a scoop with every
wash to keep those whites white.

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