What makes a Mum Super?

Interflora tasked a few bloggers
to ask their own children for the answer to this question in preparation for
Mothers day on the 15th of March. 
I was keen to see what my boys would say, its always interesting to hear
what they really think! My blogging
friend had the same challenge and her son said “a cook” well my two
certainly don’t get that from me sadly. 
So I have to be a super mum in other ways. It’s well worth asking your own children to see what they come
out with and how it changes as they get older.

Here is their little video from
my eldest:

It’s funny that his mum being a
blogger seems most important to him; he enjoys all the perks and freebies (in
his eyes!) probably why he wants to start up his own blog. But it is important to provide for your
children of course, but I thought more along the lines of food, warm clothes
(he does mention that fortunately) and a suitable safe home for them to live in
rather than a steady supply of new toys and things!!! Today we had a delivery of biscuits so you can imagine I am an
especially super mum this afternoon…

It’s good that the time you spend together is a big part of being a super mum, reading books and playing board games. Youngest was tired from school
but I did manage to ask him the question, he said a super mum is one that gives
out sweets!

I also had to talk about what I
found rewarding about being a mum:

For me its just seeing them gradually developing, the
time you have spent nurturing them makes all the difference. It’s remarkable seeing the changes as they
grow and learn. All those very proud
moments like the first time they tie their own shoelaces, read their first book
or learn to ride a bike without stabilisers.

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