Where to start?

like the idea of playing games online but I do not really know where to start,
I would rather have some feedback from other players than go in blindly picking
a site off a search engine. I was reading a BBC
News article
and apparently there has been a huge growth in the
number of sites, in 2014 there were only 20, now there is meant to be
350! It’s no wonder people are unsure
where to head to first.

Comparison site Two Big Ladies
is a useful place to begin as it has a list of sites ranked by
reviewers. Hopefully at those sites
people have had a positive experiences, they are the ones offering the biggest
offers (like so much pounds worth of free play or a introductory bonus). I would not want to play bingo regularly as
money can be quite tight but now and then it can be quite entertaining,
especially on the evenings hubbie has ideas of his own, like a marathon CSI session.

think it’s worth signing up to a few different sites and making the most of the
new account deals, you can always leave them again afterwards. Although if you think you might get carried
away perhaps only stick with one account at a time…

think lots of people go to halls to be amongst friends, its quite social
from what I remember of the few times I went whilst at University. Sitting at home in front of the computer
might lack some of the same atmosphere or so you might be mistaken for
thinking! With chatrooms being a
big part of sites, you can soon get chatting to like-minded people and enjoying
a lovely evening without leaving the comfort of your home.

the school fundraiser session our table was getting frowns and noticeable
glares from some players, because we said the odd muted few words during a game. The table behind us was especially loud and more
than a little tipsy but I think most people thought our table was to
blame!!! But if you play at home you
can talk online as much as you like and do not have to put up with grumpy
people who might take the shine off your evening. Fortunately water off a ducks back we kept smiling…

long as stick to your budget an evening of online bingo can be a pleasant
experience. Just be careful not to get
hooked or spend more than you can afford.

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