Win a Spanish Tapas Cookery Class

I have kindly been offered two free
cookery class tickets at Food at 52 Cookery School to giveaway thanks to Olive It!,
olives have excellent nutritional properties so naturally Olive It! would like
to see us incorporate them into our cooking more regularly. The winner can visit any day within the next six months.

According to the Olive It! website studies
show that including olives in a daily diet helps replace saturated fat with
unsaturated fat, which can help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels (very
useful if your like me and get carried away with cake and chocolate!). Black olives are a good source of iron, I
had an iron deficiency in my last pregnancy so that’s useful to know. Snacking on olives sure beats anything

Although my mum put me off olives as a child, she made an
olive pie that was if I am putting it mildly, disgusting. I need to revisit the ingredient and have a
positive experience of my own. Olives
are a versatile ingredient with strong flavours so in the right recipe they
work exceptionally well. I wish my mum
had used the Olive It! site for recipe

The lucky winner of the cookery class
who will have an authentic experience learning more about the unique flavours
of Spain (fresh seafood, cured jamon along with sherry, olives, paprika
and saffron), this is an ideal opportunity if you wanted to try something
different and develop your confidence in the kitchen. If you enjoy eating Mediterranean food (which
is said to lower heart disease!) you will learn the skills to host your own
tapas party and keep your guests healthy by the sounds of it. Food at 52 cookery school is a professional
cook school in the heart of Clerkenwell, London.

You can follow Olive
It! on Twitter
@Oliveit_UK and like on Facebook To
enter the competition please kindly complete the form below by the 17th
of April.

Win a Spanish Tapas Cookery Class for Two at Food at 52 Cookery School

25 thoughts on “Win a Spanish Tapas Cookery Class

  1. I really need to improve my cooking skills and the variety of things I can make, so this looks a wonderful opportunity to get results which won't take up too much time.

  2. I love tapas and wouldn't have the first clue how to cook it. We are doing up our garden at the moment and it would be a great idea to do a spanish themed party outside with sangria and tapas when we are finished!

  3. I love tapas, the variety is amazing and I've never tried to make any. This would be my chance to try out a type of cooking I've never tackled.

  4. My husband and I LOVE food of all different countries and are both passionate cooks (causes a few arguments in our house) It would be fantastic to learn these skills together and put a fork in amongst trying to host a dinner party without arguing over which way is right!!! 🙂 (P.s My way is right always) 🙂

  5. I can be rather conservative when it comes to cooking things at times and this would be ideal to push me out of my 'comfort zone' and to experiment with different flavours and ingredients.

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