#zoolab Birthday Party

my son’s sixth birthday I wanted something a bit different for the
entertainment. My son has a real
interest in creatures so I thought a ZooLab
party would really capture his attention. 
You get a unique animal handling experience that is very educational and
informative. The one-hour session gave
the children a chance to get close to a snake, cockroach, hermit crab, gerbils
and a giant African land snail. We also
viewed a tarantula from inside its home rather than on the loose, phew!

We had a #zoolab birthday party with #snakes, cockroach, gerbils, snail, hermit crab #educational learning about them all x

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presenter was entertaining; we definitely learnt some new things, like how
cockroaches enjoy a diet of bat poo (yack!). 
I felt very happy with the safety aspect; we had a large group of mainly
lively five and six years olds but proper handling techniques were discussed
(apparently fingers can look like mice to a snake!) and the washing of hands
actively encouraged. I made a point of
handling the cockroach so the children could see there was nothing to be
frightened about.

children had plenty of time to meet each creature, if they felt brave they
could handle them independently if not they could give them a gentle pat whilst
the ZooLab ranger worked his way around the room. It was lovely seeing the children asking lots of questions, children
have such inquisitive minds and were keen to learn about the creepy crawlies
they were being introduced too. The
ranger made an extra effort with the birthday boy himself, making sure he
handled creatures first if he wanted too which I thought was nice.

parties can be very stressful but with the right entertainment you can relax a
little and ZooLab certainly gives you a helping hand! ZooLab have rangers across the UK and you can either have them
come to your house or a venue of your choice. 
Don’t worry they do leave with all their creepy crawlies when the party

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