Appliance Heaven

our tumble dryer went to appliance heaven, it had quite a short life span
really, not even reaching its third year of operation. My dad would say back in his day things were
built to last, although I guess in terms of tumbling clothes that might be the
same equivalent use as 10 years for other people. We did tend to use our tumble dryer A LOT, most days (if not
every day!). I have only just added a
washing line to our new garden, as it’s normally so convenient to just bung everything
into the tumble dryer rather than be at the mercy of the Welsh rain!!! Plus we do get some interesting whiffs over
from a neighbouring farm and freshly laundered bedding with essence of sheep
poo do not always mix together particularly well…

I think our main problem was we were a little lax on
servicing our tumble dryer so it never had the best chance really. It’s very important to maximise the lifespan
of your appliances by routinely emptying filters and preventing the little army
of grey fluff (I am at a loss for a more technical term!) from getting too
comfortable and deep rooted.

This picture shows how much you can get from just ONE tumble!

buying a decent brand is always important too, I am a firm believer you get
what you pay for and if you spend less your new tumble dryer might not live up
to your expectations. Brands like Panasonic
have been going strong for years, they have A++ energy ratings too which is
good if you do feel a tad guilty about the environmental consequences of all
that tumbling! With sophisticated
brands you can even skip ironing all together because they are so efficient at
getting rid of creases! Life is too
short for ironing, by midday most of your creases will drop out naturally
anyway, but if my tumble dryer can make me look more presentable first thing
then all the better.

picking out a new tumble dryer the drum capacity was a big consideration for me, as I
want the tumble dryer to be ready for whatever the washing machine throws at
it. They make an effective tag team partnership, but if we had a tiny drum then
I would be left with wet clothes all over the house again! This time round I am going to be a good girl
and do my tumble dryer maintenance though, I really need the next one to last longer…

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