Being A Better Driver

I am such a nervous driver; my husband passed his test and
cracked on with it, whereas I have always been very cautious like a frightened
deer in headlights. My leg gets all
shaky and I have to try and stay calm. 
Even on my driving test, I had to take five to steady my poor legs
before I could do a manoeuvre, the examiner was very understanding and I only
had a minor for the delay and still went on to pass. I guess being nervous is no worse than being extremely confident,
one thing I would never have been is a boy racer, as I drive far too

If I am honest I think I inherited this from my dad, as a
child I remember being a passenger on my dad’s driving lessons. My mum would be in the front giving him
directions (and getting a little agitated!) and without the added safety of
dual controls we almost ended up in the quay! 
He went for the accelerator not the break… after that the driving
lessons came to a sudden stop!

I think its great that More Than have a driving style score as part of
their insurance policy as there is a real mixture of drivers out there. Experience of the roads which you build up
over time can make a real difference to your driving skill but if you know you
have a little device scoring your driving you would definitely attempt to be a
smoother driver and pay close attention to speed limits and adjust accordingly
more than ever before.

I really want to stop being a passenger and start driving
our car, but even when I built up my confidence and decided to drive solo with
the kids, as hubbie was poorly, youngest said, “don’t drive mummy we will ALL
die!!!” in a very dramatic voice… after that I lost my faith (understandably!)
and had to rouse poor hubbie instead!

I just hope the boys take after their daddy and are
naturally good drivers.

I do feel I
will get there though, I just need to make sure youngest is more encouraging
(he did try last time I had a little drive bless him, he kindly let me pick a
chocolate out of his collection to motivate me!) and also just stop making
excuses, I passed my test, I know how to drive I just need to keep practising! I want to drive in my local area, I do not
need to be more ambitious than that but it would be so handy for picking up the
boys from school, getting the food shop and dropping them off at activities
rather than being at the mercy of the weather.

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