Crayola Colour Alive #crayolablogger

I was intrigued by this new product by Crayola, my two are
happy to colour in from time to time but the fact their pictures could come to
life made them much more enthusiastic!

It was quite magical being able to see their pictures transformed like
this and something quite unique. The dragon was flapping its wings and the octopus was
moving around in the water, much to the boys obvious delight. The Colour Alive
app was easy to install and free which is always a bonus, its available on both
android and iOS. It was simple to use,
you just have to make sure you include the Colour Alive logo on your screen
capture. If you follow those instructions
you should find it unproblematic.

We had three boys on the
colouring in team, my two aged 6 and 7 and their 4-year-old friend. Each of them took a picture each and took
turns with the app to see how it was progressing; they enjoyed adding more colours
and seeing these updated on the screen as they went along. It just brings a fun new element to
colouring in, if your looking for a novel little gift (at only £6.99 a pack)
for a child this will be well received. 
Most children seem to have a tablet of their own or access to one to be
able to use the feature. They can also
take pictures to keep for another time to remember their artwork.

The Mythical Creatures
set had a new pen colour Fire Breath that helps you get into the spirit of
things and unlock special effects. 
There is also an Enchanted Forest and Barbie set with their own
signature pen.

If you follow the
hashtag #colouryourselfie you can see more
pictures of the Colour Alive in action from this years Gadget Show, which will
continue to build the anticipation until you can get your hands on your own set
this summer.

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