Getting Something for Nothing

am all for getting something for nothing and this latest deal from TopCashback
is completely that, get up to £10 cashback on DVDs from Amazon!

It gives you
a lovely feeling when you find a good offer like this, I instantly want to
share it with you guys. When money is
tight it is a welcome bonus having a free treat! We enjoy watching films as a family as it is great entertainment for
the boys, especially if it’s raining outside and they are looking a bit fed

We have quite a large
collection of films, but they are all for the benefit of the kids, we don’t
have anything beyond a PG, so perhaps my husband and I should treat ourselves to a
DVD for a change. Although if I am honest I would be tempted to get Paddington (£9.99) instead, it is such a sweet
film and I would love to watch it again, since viewing it my youngest wants to
be a bear! He wrapped himself up in my
mum’s big brown furry blanket and spent the afternoon pretending to be Paddington. He is quite adorable when it suits him.

think lots of people will be after this up to £10 cashback offer when you
purchase a DVD at Amazon, you just sign up at TopCashback, follow the
instructions, choose a DVD from Amazon, buy it, then TopCashback pop £10 into
your account, which you can then withdraw into your normal bank account. With
thousands of films available that are under £10 you have plenty of choice, it is nice to know your next movie viewing will be courtesy of TopCashback. Getting the film in effect for free means
you can spurge out on some of your favourite nibbles like decent popcorn (Joe
and Seph’s is amazing!) and chocolate.

Hero 6 is another firm favourite; there are lots of fabulous films for children to
pick from that prove to be just as entertaining for the adults as for the kids! Although I would have gladly settled on Fifty Shades of Grey (although this is only on
pre-order at the moment sadly), as I could do with another fix of Mr Grey soon,
watching him with the girls and a few glasses of wine would be a lovely way to pass the evening! As it is we will have to wait until June,
sigh! So after all that I think I would
settle on a film for the boys, so I can save myself for Mr Grey! We just watched Annie and that was fabulous,
I do not tend to like films with singing but I made an exception here and it’s
a lovely feel good film. Its also interesting
watching Cameron Diaz playing a mean character!

film would you pick?

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