KLM Launch Bluey Animation

KLM have launched a series of short colourful animations
based on their little mascot Bluey to help children enjoy their flight. The
adorable blue aircraft has proved to be very popular with young passengers since he
was initially revealed last November. 
KLM are all about making children happy and this friendly fellow is just
part of that overall experience. 
Children over 2 get a special Bluey play set once onboard alongside the excellent inflight entertainment featuring Bluey himself so there will never be a dull moment
onboard a KLM flight. You can see
further information on the Children Travelling section of the site, including how the special children meal includes a Bluey in the box! I love how Bluey is incorporated into every aspect of the journey.

A first flight can be a nerve-wracking moment for
some, but Bluey helps put children to ease, on this video he is very enthusiastic
to get started on his solo flight and that can be quite contagious for children, they will want to be just like Bluey thrilled to be up in the skies. I wish our first flight had been with Bluey when my boys went to Portugal in 2013, I probably would have been considerably more relaxed on the plane!

You can watch the first video Bluey and the flower parade here:

The video will also be onboard intercontinental flights from June and as you can see it shows what a good friend Bluey really is. The short movie is quite funny too because the character Windy is Windy by name and nature, my boys will like that aspect!

The creation of Bluey and all the associated materials helps make flights more bearable for us parents and our children alike. It can be difficult keeping them occupied on a flight when they are confined to their seat for a good few hours, but being caught up in an adventure with Bluey stops boredom setting in. Bluey makes the journey more fun for everyone on the flight.

I look forward to seeing what other adventures Bluey gets up too!

This post is bought to you in collaboration with KLM but all thoughts are my own

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