little dish for Bigger Kids

were sent a few ready meals for the boys to try; they are pitched at children
3-6 years so my youngest at 6 was just the right age. I love that they are proper meals that you might normally cook
from scratch but if your short on time and need dinner in a hurry you have
something nourishing to offer your child without all the preparation and
tidying up afterwards. It can be a
hectic life as a parent juggling various activities, running the house, looking
after everyone and holding down some form of employment, often at the end of
the day the last thing you might feel like doing is cooking a meal. But then you feel guilty if you do not
provide something substantial for your children, little dish have created these
wonderful selection of meals to take off some of the stress!

Some little dish testing going on this evening x #littledish #mummybloggers

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The Bigger Kids meals come in a range of four appetising
varieties, Fisherman’s Pie with Salmon and Pollock, Chunky Chicken Pot Roast,
Mild Beef Chilli and Rice and Seven Veg Lasagne. The lasagne and the chilli included 2 of there 5 a day, which is
a reasonable amount and one less thing to worry about!

packaging is appealing and included free stickers that will impress your
children no end! They can also do the
little activities on the underside of the packet to keep themselves busy, colouring in, counting items and
adding extra details to the picture. It
feels like lots of entertainment thrown in with a tasty dinner. The boys both finished their respective
meals, chilli for eldest (a new experience for him) and fisherman’s pie for
youngest. We added some salad with the chili and some sweetcorn with the fisherman’s pie but the portion size is adequate for a younger child.

I would be happy to buy these meals again, although it’s a shame I
was not introduced to them earlier as my boys would probably benefit from
bigger proportions these days. But if
mine had been younger I definitely would have kept a few stashed in the freezer
for those crazy days when we just need a quick dinner, bath and bed!!! You can always indulge in a takeaway once they are asleep and still have no clean up to do…

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