#moshifoodtube with Jamie Oliver and Furi

Jamie Oliver has made a one off video for his Food Tube channel pitched perfectly for your little budding chefs.

I think Moshi Monsters and Jamie Oliver are a great match to entice children into the kitchen. My pair are still as obsessed as ever with their Moshi figures and seeing Furi the latest guest star in this video captured their attention straight off. Jamie Oliver is very enthusiastic and Furi is a little bit naughty, but they make a good team together nonetheless! You even get to briefly see Jamie’s own special Moshling character ‘Jammie Olive Oil’.

Watching a video like this is a great way to coax children into the kitchen. Jamie Oliver has created a recipe that looks easy to follow but is perfect for building their confidence. They have an opportunity to experiment with different ingredients than they might use normally and hopefully try new foods in the process. This is the first time we have incorporated butternut squash into our baking, I must admit I like that Jamie Oliver is passionate about children trying different fruits and vegetables and learning more about the food they are eating. I will be following the Food Tube channel more closely from now on as I would certainly benefit from the tutorials (my mum will tell you I am a hopeless cook!).

Here is the ingredients list for the Jamie and Furi’s Butternut Squash Muffin’s:

* 200g butternut squash (skin on)

* 175g soft brown sugar

* ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

* 150g plain flour

* 1 heaped tablespoon baking powder

* 2 eggs

* big handful walnuts

* 5 tablespoons olive oil

* 75g sour cream

* 1 tbsp icing sugar

* 1 vanilla pod

* zest 1 lemon

* (optional a few seasonal berries)

But you can watch how to make it on the Food Tube video.

I liked that everything is just chucked into the food processor meaning less chaos in the kitchen (unless of course you have a box of escaped moshlings to deal with, fortunately we didn’t!).

The boys were involved throughout, there was plenty for them to do and feel useful.

The end result was very moist and tasty muffins, the cinnamon flavour is delicious and the icing topping was very flavoursome with the lemon zest! I think next time we will add the seasonal
berries as they do finish off the muffins very nicely (and another sneaky way
to get your children to eat some more fruit!).

I was proud of my boys efforts.

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