NOW TV Cashback Offer

As a family we love streaming TV, its just so much more
convenient as everything you could possibly need is available 24/7. If the boys get up at the crack of dawn and
I do not feel quite ready to face the day yet, a little bit of cartoon
entertainment gives me time to come round with a strong cup of tea before we
head off on our adventures! If the
weather is terrible its also handy having the option to watch some TV during
the day as there are only so many board games you can play with the
children. We usually fit in about four
one selection each before they ask (or grumble loudly!) for an activity change.

With Game of Thrones back it’s a
fabulous time to take up this Top Cashback NOW TV offer, with
£13.98 cashback with the entertainment pass it would be silly to miss out. We have NOW TV and Netflix because I have
firm favourites on both options. It’s
great having everything on-demand, I just need to turn on the TV (or laptop) and start
viewing. We have just watched the first
episode of Game of Thrones and I am looking forward to seeing how the series
develops, I really hope we see more of the dragons in action. Hubbie also likes watching Fortitude but I
must admit I am in two minds it’s a bit too graphic for me, with polar bears
chomping on bodies and wasps flying out of people… I am not sure I have the stomach for it!!!

The entertainment pass has no contract terms so you
can pick it up and drop it off whenever you want. At £6.99 its excellent value for 13 channels you would not see on
freeview, channels for the children (nickelodeon, Disney and nickJr) and plenty
for the grownups too. You can either
watch live or catch up missed shows up to 30 days later. It’s lovely having more flexibility when it
comes to watching TV, without having the financial burden of an annual contract
to consider. You just pick it up when
it suits you and your family, although
when you see a good deal like this one it’s obviously an even better time to join NOW TV, especially if like me your partial to a bit of Jon Snow!

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