Primary School Admissions Day: Did it go as planned?

week there were a lot of anxious parents wondering if their precious children
had made it into their first choice of school. 
It can be a time fraught with worry, you want them to have the best chance
in life and obviously certain schools are better than others. Lots of parents stayed up until midnight
just to log on and see if they got the place at the primary school they wanted,
some were met with positive news whilst for others hearts sank. It’s easy to be dismayed but try not to

Certain schools will be flooded with applications because
they are ranked more highly on league tables. 
Sadly they will not be able to take on everyone, you might be put on a
waiting list or you can appeal if you have a reasonable reason for them to

But fear not even if admissions did not go as planned you
can do lots at home to offset any difference in the school you have now been
given. With the boys being at a Welsh
school we have always tried to do a little formal learning at home, they tend
to learn through play longer here and of course they do not even start English
reading until a few years later than children in the rest of the UK. It’s great that my boys have a second
language of course but I still want them to be confident and capable readers in
English too. If you feel you cannot do
more at home you can always consider additional
private tuition like that offered from Fleet Tutors. Being at your second or third choice need
not impact your child’s attainment level; with the right resources and an
interest at home too they will thrive anywhere.

So it seems sensible to accept an alternative place and at
least you know they have a school to start in September. It’s an exciting change for your little
ones, so try and stay positive you do not want any of your concern about the
school to alter their own first impressions. 
You never know the school you now have may even go on to be a better performing
school than your first choice, you can help bring about that change perhaps
joining the school governors or their fundraising committee to transform
it. I am always donating items for
events and attending them, which have in part helped buy more books, ipad cases
and other resources for the boys school. 
It is sensible to harness the enthusiasm of parents!

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