Renewed Motivation to Spring Clean

I know I should find more energy to clean but usually I am
exhausted by the time we manage to get the boys to bed. Then I tend to start blogging, checking and
replying to emails and having a good nose on facebook. Before I know its time to go to bed and the house
is still in utter chaos. It’s tougher
during the school holidays as the boys usually get everything out, their
playroom toy boxes are emptied on the floor so I have a huge clear up mission
before I can even get to the point of sweeping!!!

But fortunately this infographic from SpaceWays
has given me some motivation especially as the last week I have put on a few
extra pounds (ooops!). Apparently two
hours of cleaning burns 200 calories enough for a crème egg (185 calories) or
two Tasty Little Numbers biscuits!!! On
top of that it might actually help with marital bliss, as supposedly 47% of
couples argue about the state of the house.

Spring Cleaning SpaceWays

Spring Cleaning Infographic from SpaceWays

I love the statistic that getting rid of excess clutter can
reduce cleaning by 40%! If that’s the
case I will open up the black bin bags straight away and start
minimising our belongings!!! Then a
quick sweep with the duster will get the place tidy rather than having to move
every ornament off the shelf or sideboard AND dust it before putting it

You can also spice up your cleaning by trying to see how
effective random products are, cola is meant to clean your toilet until it
shines, vinegar gets grime off windows (children’s dirty hand-prints get everywhere I find!) and lemons are a natural disinfectant for dirty surfaces. You cannot even use the excuse you do not
have any proper cleaning products in when you can improvise with so much at home already.

The infographic has definitely changed my mind about cleaning;
maybe it’s not so dull as I first thought!

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