Chicken Charades Review

This University Games version of
charades is a little bit quirkier than the usual kind!

Chicken charades – you have to use the squeaky chicken to guess the charade!!! x

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Every time you act out a clue you have to
incorporate the squeaky chicken into your efforts!!!

The charade cards cover items, actions, body parts and so on, you
can imagine you need to get quite creative with the chicken for it to
work! It is hilarious, uncomplicated
amusement for a rainy day.

It is aimed at children 8+ I
assume that is for the reading involved on the card, so if you have a confident
reader they could happily join in I am sure. 
Personally I think this game would be even funnier on a drunken night
out with a gang of mates. As it was we
had a very sober game of Chicken Charades and to be fair it is still quite
entertaining! It is very fast paced;
you only have 10 seconds to guess what on earth the chicken is attempting to

Can you guess the charade from
the chicken here?

It was meant to be temper
tantrum, seeing as my boys in the past have been face down on the floor, I
thought it summed it up quite well. 
Although everyone thought it was a dead chicken instead…

It’s novel having a chicken twist
of an old favourite game. The only
problem we had was Summer thought it was a dog toy, so if you do have a canine
companion watch they do not try and claim the chicken for themselves…

I would recommend this game as a bit of affordable fun
over the half term, it has an RRP of £19.99 but you can shop around and find it
considerably cheaper (for example its only £12.99 on Smyths). More information regarding stockists is
available from the University
Games website.

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