Fashion Fit For A Princess

as we all have just welcomed a new princess into the world, I thought my next
melijoe post would be centred on beautiful girl dresses fit for royalty! Having two boys its nice to indulge in some
window-shopping that is pretty and elegant for a change, instead of it being
all about the rugged hardwearing jeans, Minecraft hoodies and scuffed trainers
that my boys so favour.

you I was more like them growing up, these dresses might have got in the way of
my adventures, I was too busy building dens, getting muddy and running away
from imaginary trolls, but occasionally I do hanker for a little girl to dress
up! My mum probably felt the same and
even at 67 she still grumbles I do not go clothes shopping with her!!!

are a selection of my favourites guaranteed to add some glamour:


love the simple whiteness of the dress but the detailing of the sash really
makes it stand out all together. On a
bolder patterned dress the sash would have been too overbearing, but it really
works here. The belt can be detached so
it’s a very versatile dress, you could easily add a different sash to make the
most of this classic white dress.


dress is more sophisticated, perfect for the birthday party scene; the
shimmering golden dots and the pearly buttons at the back are wonderful details
bound to get you noticed. Lots of
little girls like being transformed into the belle of the ball and this is one
dress to do that.


had to have one delicate lace dress in the line up and even though its hand
wash only it’s worth it for how divine it looks!!! This is a dress for a special occasion if you can convince your little one to wear a bow this BIG!


for shoes I would want something pretty striking, shoes that look like they
have magical properties that you just have to click together to whisk you away
somewhere exotic or leave on a staircase for your very own Prince Charming! I am a sucker for a fairy tale ending!

think I have shied away from bows, ribbons, sequins and glitter for so long
that now I have gone quite the reverse and want to include them in my life!!!

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