Fathers Day Gift Guide and Competition

I am honest I have neglected my poor followers in terms of competitions lately
so I thought this time I would spoil you with one lovely big hamper prize
perfectly themed for Fathers Day. It is
coming around quickly now, June the 21st will be here before we know
it, so its time to get your thinking hat on and source a thoughtful gift for
your partner (from the kids) or for your own dad. Winning this competition would make your job easier but just in
case you don’t manage that the suggestions below might help with possible gift
ideas if you’re feeling clueless and uninspired! Regardless of your budget you will find something to suit here.

The only item not in the competition draw but I would recommend as a gift is the lovely Personalised Family Key Print I was sent from Getting Personal. We are making a photo wall so its really helped add some more interest to that, I like using different types of frames and a mixture of photo’s and items like this which are more unique. Family is very important to us, so giving a gift to hubbie with the names of our children on is very special. I think its brilliant quality for £34.99 as its a big frame and looks great! I like how the background looks weathered like an old family heirloom!

gorgeous wicker hamper prize includes a Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 (RRP £99.95),
a Braun Waterflex Razor (RRP £159.99), a Super Man Lego Keylight
(£6.99), a Stormtrooper Mood Light (£14.99), a selection of The Real Shaving
Company products and some Liquiproof products. 
In total a prize worth £300 that is sure to impress any man in your

The Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 is quite a sophisticated product; it gives you a lot of choice
when it comes to waking up! But even
though it has lots of functions its easy enough to get the hang of as the user
manual is simple to follow and you soon have the product set up to your
individual requirements.

If you find mornings a struggle (I
must admit I definitely do!), then this product will make your life
considerably easier. It’s a positive
start to the day for a change, a gradual sunrise that helps you wake up in a
pleasant way rather than an alarm clock going off loudly and your body refusing
to acknowledge it!!! My get up and go
had got up and went until I used these clever Lumie products, they make getting
out of bed in the morning more bearable as they have been proven to help with
energy levels. It’s no fun being
permanently knackered so if your hubbie is like me this might just be the gift
for him. You might even find him more
productive during the day; those little odd jobs around the house might
actually get finished…

Braun kindly offered up one of their WaterFlex
shavers so a dad out there could experience smooth skin with a gentle but close
shave. Braun shavers all have
outstanding performance and make shaving a more enjoyable experience. The WaterFlex shaver in particular make it
possible to shave in the shower, bath or the usual wet shave in front of the
mirror. It’s more refreshing somehow
shaving with lots of water, making it a more relaxing and comfortable part of
your grooming routine. Hubbie is always
pressed for time, but combining his bath with his scheduled shave should free
up time. I am glad about that, as we
are all usually queuing for the one bathroom!

We often think our own dad is a superhero, so why not
give them a fun gift with this Super
Man Lego Keylight. These are very
affordable and a great present from a child with a small budget. The light is bright and useful if you have
dropped something and need to find it! 
So not only is it a novelty gift its quite practical too. Although you might find this is quickly pinched
by the children in the family, who always need torch light in dens!

Qwerkity have a great
range of Father’s
Day gift ideas for men, we were sent the Stormtrooper Mood Light for
hubbie to review but this item was quickly commandeered by my eldest. Qwerkity have so much choice its easy to
find something any dad will love, whatever their interests and hobbies you will
find a product to accommodate them on this site. I quite like the personalised Man Cave Sign (£19.99), I think hubbie would appreciate
that, with two boys constantly bickering I think he would love to slope off for
some peace and quiet in his own space.

Real Shaving Company sent three of
their products for the giveaway and an extra one I squirreled away for hubbie
to test. It is a 3-step shaving program
that gives you superior results. They
are pitched as high performance products with professional based formulations,
so you’re giving the skin a quality gentle treatment (with those natural
organic ingredients) but thankfully at an everyday price! It’s so important to cleanse your skin to
get rid of a build up of dirt and oil and stop your pores from becoming clogged
up. But my hubbie for one skips
cleansing entirely but by having a set grooming routine in place with easily
numbered products even he can follow the steps properly!!!

Liquiproof have
some useful products for footwear and fabric protection, I am not saying give
these as a standalone gift, but perhaps to accompany a new pair of shoes or
shirt! Certain materials do not cope
well when they get wet, whether from a spill or bad weather so it pays to look
after them by using this simple and affordable treatment to keep them looking
their best.

the video its quite impressive seeing how well Liquiproof copes with wine,
water and paint, its just glides straight off the shoes once they have had the
treatment! Just remember to leave 24
hours for it to dry before you try anything ambitious…

To enter the hamper prize draw please fill out the form below by the 16th of June.

Fathers Day Competition (RRP £300!)

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  1. also following you on instagram but if I click link it logs me off twitter entry and ive already started entering logged into twitter xxx

  2. The kids always make such lovely cards but it would be great to give our special boy a treat he wouldn't normally indulge in for himself. There are some fantastic prizes in the hamper! Good luck everyone 😀

  3. The Real Shaving Company because if he has an excellent shave my husband is in a great mood!

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  4. I like the sound of the Bodyclock, but I'm most intrigued by the Liquiproof products. I'd be trying it out on all sorts of things to see how well it works!

  5. I'm definitely checking out the key family print, it's looks lovely!! I'm in love with thus hamper 🙂 xx

  6. I've tried commenting a couple of times but can't see them so think I'm doing it wrong!! I think that the hamper is amazing and I'll def be taking a look at those frames 🙂

    Rachel Berryman xx

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