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Being a parent is tiring; it can be a tad stressful, with each year you spot a few more white hairs and wrinkles! You feel exhausted, I personally keep trying to tick off all the things we need to achieve and run myself into the ground at times. I have my blog and then offer relief cover for both the playschool and the school canteen so depending on holiday and sickness cover I can be darting off all over the place.

Then with the boys there is always something to tackle, the right behaviour to encourage and the odd meltdown to witness. I used to watch Super Nanny just to feel like I had better control of the situation as the parents on that programme always seem to be dealing with particularly tricky behaviour. I would not change my life for the world; my boys are undoubtedly my everything. But parents need rest and recuperation, a chance to unwind and forget their troubles (however briefly!).

Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza have a health club so you can do just that, even if you’re travelling with your children. You can nicely ask your partner to put them to bed and then you can sneak off to the heated indoor pool, soak in the Jacuzzi or relax in the sauna (the steam can be very comforting and soothe your aches and pains!). Fortunately they are open till 10pm at the Edinburgh Holiday Inn so your troubles can soon drift away in a tranquil surrounding and it’s great to get some laps in the pool without having to keep an eye on the less strong swimmers of the family (which includes my hubbie!).

If Edinburgh is too far fear not Holiday Inn have their Spirit Health Clubs dotted across the country, so a stress free weekend is always achievable without travelling a great distance. I am not one for gyms but they do have activities scheduled that sound quite interesting like aqua aerobics, box fit and dance fit! So you see the Spirit Health Club is perfect whether you want to have a break (like me) or get fit.

We have stayed at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead before as it’s so convenient for Legoland and after a busy day at the theme park it’s fabulous to relieve your aching muscles and tired feet in the Jacuzzi. I found our stay very affordable for such impressive facilities.

Some of the Spirit Health Clubs operate children hours so if you want a complete break from children you can head there after 8pm like in the Crowne Plaza Hotel London Heathrow, then you do not have to duck around children whilst trying to count your lengths. Personally I do not mind a few children it’s more of a challenge navigating around them, as long as it’s not my responsibility to make sure they remain buoyant!

This post is written in collaboration with IHG but all thoughts are my own.

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