LEGO The Avengers Quinjet City Chase Review

‘Avengers Age of Ultron’ was released in cinemas April 24th and LEGO
celebrated by bringing out a fantastic new line of playsets, we were lucky
enough to be sent The Avengers Quinjet City Chase set
(76032) rrp £69.99.

This latest LEGO delivery was met with bubbling enthusiasm
by both the boys, they are big super heroes fans so seeing all their favourite
characters in LEGO form is beyond exciting!!! 
They were quick to start building, it’s an 8-14 age set so eldest who is
7 (almost 8) took the lead and had his younger brother (who is 6) bring him the
pieces he needed. He did a sterling job
with only a little help from daddy for the more complicated parts, I think with
patience he could have completed it on his own but he was eager to see the finished jet.

end result was very impressive plus the jet itself is jam packed with features,
it makes LEGO adventures that much more enjoyable. My eldest was pointing out some of his favourite aspects, like
the shooting stud guns:

The storage area (for weapons and maybe a superhero

And the bike section (which you can open so you can literally ride
straight into battle!):

I think the jet
is very realistic and compares well with the one in the film, especially the
foldable wings.

built it seemed very sturdy (although they never dropped it!), usually I like
to review the sets quickly as pieces can be mislaid or the boys seem to destroy
the vehicles through heavy handed play! 
But fortunately this jet has been played with lots and stayed very much
intact; they have used the rope to pull along all kinds of different things,
vehicles, figures and random toys in the playroom and the jet has coped
admirably being dragged along.

boys liked having an exploding truck and seemed to be able to get it back
together quickly to keep repeating the process! This set has plenty to do for extended fun; its ideal for keeping
children occupied for long periods and really sparks their imaginations.

love the detailing on the figures and the addition of the super jumper is a
nice touch! I think the set is well
worth the money as its offers extended play, well thought out features and a
chance to get your hands on no less than 5
minifigures with assorted accessories: Vision, Captain America, Black Widow,
Iron Man MK43 and Ultimate Ultron.

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