LEGO Bionicle Review and Competition

have had an invasion of Bionicle
figures arrive in the house; everywhere you look they are taking
residence. Although it’s the aggressive
skull spiders you really need to worry about and of course their ruler and
Lord, who has telepathic powers to control all these creepy spiders of

Its a #lego #bionicle invasion!!! x

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The figures had all lived in
harmony until two brothers craved more power and created the original masks,
which they handed out to all the islanders of Okoto. Typically one brother gets envious and comes up with an evil
plan… chaos soon ensues. A bit like my
two with sibling rivalry really!!!

figures are great, they have lots of impressive weapons to launch firepower or
swipe a staff at any pesky predators, as they do not want to lose their
previous masks. You have the masters
that must unite to overcome the dark forces and restore peace once again to the
island. The
sets vary from 6-12, 7-14 and 8-14 years, my eldest has really enjoyed building
each of them, the only one he found tricky and needed help from daddy was the
villain Lord of Skull Spiders.

Master of Water thinks she (yes remarkably this is a Bionicle lady!) is in hot
water fighting so many skull spiders at once, not realising if she looked
behind and saw the giant furred beast that the battle might be even trickier
than she first thought!!! Generally
Gali is a peaceful figure though so she might be able to befriend the oversized
puppy and even give it a much-needed bath (its handy when you have control over

will be back with a further review with a video of the figures in action and
some tips on how you can create your own movie. In the meantime if
you would like to enter the competition to win THREE master packs then please
kindly fill out the form below by the 20th of June.

Three Bionicle Master Figures

167 thoughts on “LEGO Bionicle Review and Competition

  1. Nothing yet as they don't have any! They'd love them though and would adore creating crazy stories with them

  2. My son currently has a wallpaper pasting table on his bedroom floor housing his Lego City, I'm sure they would fit well into his play :).

  3. My Grandsons say that they love the idea that they can battle with one another. They don't own any yet so have had the chance to experience them but would love the opportunity to own them.

  4. the whole futuristic bit of it, i remember when i was a kid lego was houses, houses and errm houses, or boats n cars, then technical lego and wow, that was always meccanos thing, nowadays lego has advanced and its great to build satuff with the little uns and remember your own youthful excitement

  5. My son loves playing with them as they are (as action figures) or swapping their parts about to make totally new figures. Plus you can add some parts from other Lego sets to make totally new & unique characters

  6. They love the fact they ARE lefo and it means they can mix and match with all their other lego and create some real master pieces, it really does bring their imagination out

  7. My little one loves the Bionicle range, she loves building and creating the figures but she also loves creating Bionicle figures of her own imagination using parts from all the ones she has. She will spend hours creating and building and then will play her own imaginative games with them for hours, saving the world from 'evil' etc

  8. My grandson has only seen pictures of them but says as he loves his Lego he would like these for a change. He also thinks he might be able to frighten his three sisters with them.

  9. we haven't got any bionicles but he would love them as loves playing with figures and loves Lego

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