May 4th Be With You with the new LEGO® Star Wars™ Microfighters!

new LEGO® Star Wars™ Microfighters are great, quick and affordable builds that
can be soon catapulted into adventure. 
We were sent the Vulture Droid™ (#75073; RRP £8.99) set and my eldest
soon had his imagination leaping into overdrive.

Apparently his droid knew one French word “Oui” – you can
count on that being down to the fact it sounds like wee (boys and toilet
humour!!!) so on arrival on this planet the current inhabitants were not quite
sure what to make of the new arrival. 
He had no means of communicating with them effectively and if I am honest its quite tricky to tell if he is actually smiling.

a crowd was forming to see if the droid was friendly. Eldest had a couple of his LEGO men bring food as an offering to
the mysterious traveller from another land. 
One brought his dog along, the logic being if the “alien” patted the dog
nicely then they would let him into town.

than anything they wanted to show him that they were happy to make his
acquaintance, although the apples and fish were not to the druids liking. He decided to return home where he could
feast on space slugs and galaxy rats and drink slime.

his return journey he literally bumped into Captain America’s shield and
crash-landed back on the planet. 
Captain America was worried in case the visitor was hostile; being a man
of action he was definitely one to react to a situation without thinking
through the consequences. But he did
not want to chance Droid activating the flick missiles.

led to a rather unpleasant standoff as the Vulture Droid was already grumpy
from an unsettled tummy and in no mood for further delays in getting home.

Mind you after both saying sorry (its lovely
how quickly conflict can be resolved in a child’s eye!) they became firm
friends. Although given he only knew
the word Oui initially not sure where his sudden new-found vocabulary came from!!! But I better not point out plot
errors and ruin my son’s good fun… then they flew off into the sunset!

new LEGO® Star Wars™ Microfighter collection is available now nationwide at all
good retailers.

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